11 Ways On How To Keep Windshield From Fogging In Any Climatic Condition

Don’t you get annoyed every time you find your car windshield covered with fog? Today we will help you find answers to how to keep a windshield from fogging. A foggy windshield & windows is a common occurrence for a car driver. Apart from being annoying, they can be dangerous.

A windshield with a layer of fog limits visibility, making it nearly impossible to have a safe drive. Blasting up the defroster again & again is not a viable solution for the issue. You need a few tricks up your sleeve so that you can handle the situation well instead of making it worse.

Today, we bring our best insights to tackle the car fogging issue. We will cover the top reasons for fogging, easy ways to get rid of it, and some tips to prevent it as much as possible. So, let us get started and learn how to get rid of condensation outside car windows.

What Are The Reasons For A Foggy Windshield?

Fogging of your car windshield is the result of many reasons. Thus you find yourself with it even when there is no rain. You can only tackle a situation if you know the reasons for its cause. Learn if it is because of your actions, something with your car, or external events that play a role.

Below we have listed some factors that directly and indirectly contribute to a foggy windshield.

A. Dirty Windshield

It is common for your windshield to accumulate dirt, dust, and other forms of debris. A dirty windshield is a concern because it is easier for moisture particles to stick to a dirty surface than to a clean one.

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Thus, it is better to clean your glass adequately. Also, try avoiding marks & streaks as they will highlight first during fogging. The cleaner the surface, the lesser the chance of moisture accumulation.

B. Temperature Difference

The temperature difference between the interior and exterior of your car increases the chances of a foggy windshield. There is moisture condensation on the glasses of your vehicle when there is airborne moisture inside the car & the glass temperature is lower than the dew point.

The more people you have in your car, the more chance there is of your car glasses fogging up. So, if you keep wondering why is my windshield fogging up on the inside, this is the answer.

If you are thinking that your car interior is always dry, then remember the body heat and moist breath of the people inside the car provide the moisture for the condensation.

C. Mechanical Issues

Cabin filter in automobiles is designed to collect dust, debris, pollen, and other contaminations and regulate better air quality inside your vehicle. In addition, the heater & air conditioner of your car also filter through the cabin filter.

If the cabin filter is bursting with excessive debris accumulation, it can adversely affect the performance of your car’s defroster. A bad cabin filter means poor air quality, making your car’s glass surfaces more susceptible to condensation, which leads to fogging.

D. Wet Item Inside The Car

If you leave wet items like umbrellas inside your car, it can also lead to fogging. Your wet item will provide moisture to the dry air inside your ride and increase the chances of condensation.

E. Leaks

If there are any leaks in your ride that allow rain to drip into the interior, then it can cause fogging.

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The car glasses are already cold enough. And with moisture inside due to leaks, the condensation process gets much faster, leading to immediate fogging.

F. Open Beverage Left In

If you leave an open beverage like tea or coffee inside your car, then the moisture from that item will cause your car windshield and windows to fog.

How To Keep Windshield From Fogging?

The windshield, windows, and other glass surfaces of your car can fog in cold and warm temperatures. There are easy ways to get rid of the fog under these scenarios, but the best way to tackle it is to do it separately.

The problem-solving remedies for cold and warm temperatures are different. Thus, you should know how to handle the same problem in both scenarios. Here we have listed our top easy ways “how to remove fog from the outside windshields” but divided them based on temperature.

11 Preventative Methods To Keep Windshields From Fogging

The best thing instead of cleaning the fog off your windscreen is to find ways to not let it settle in the first place. A foggy windshield can be dangerous when driving, especially at night. 

Sometimes if you are in heavy traffic or highway, it is not in the cards to park your ride on the side and follow the steps to get rid of the fog.

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For such scenarios, it is best if you know a few tips that can help you prevent windshields and windows from fogging. In this section, we have the top eleven preventive measures that you can follow to ensure a foggy windshield is the least of your problems when driving.

1. Using Ammonia-Based Glass Cleaner

Using Ammonia-Based Glass Cleaner

To clean the windscreen and windows of your car, use an ammonia-based cleaner. It helps in the easy removal of build-up inside your windshield. Regular use will decrease the dirt & debris build-up, which is a primary reason for fogging.

2. Shaving Cream Is Ideal For Clean Windshield Interior

Shaving Cream Is Ideal For Clean Windshield Interior

If you are into some DIY action, use shaving cream to clean your windscreen’s interior. Apply the cream to the surface with the help of a dry & clean towel. Use a separate towel to wipe off the applied cream. Doing this will create a protective layer on the glass which can help prevent fogging.

3. Turn On Defroster When Warming The Car

Turn On Defroster When Warming The Car

Whenever you decide to warm up the car, use the defroster simultaneously. It will prevent fog formation whenever your cold interior begins to warm up.

4. Go Fresh Mode

Go Fresh Mode

Always use the heater or air conditioner in “Fresh Air” mode and never in the recirculate mode. Using recirculate will lead to the usage of the humid air, increasing the chances of windshield fogging.

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5. Open Car Window

Open Car Window

During the drive, try to crack open even a single window of your car. Doing this will help prevent the car’s glass interior from fogging up.

6. Use Fog Repellent

Use Fog Repellent

There are many products available in the market that can help you prevent fogging & one such is fog repellent. You can use it on the inside of your windshield and coat it well to avoid any fog formation.

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7. Inspect Your Car’s HVAC System

Inspect Your Car's HVAC System

The defective ventilation, air conditioning, and heating system can make it harder to get rid of the settled fog from your windshield.

If you find your windscreen fogging up every time you start your car defroster, you need to take it to an auto repair shop. Have it inspected thoroughly and do the necessary repairs.

8. Enter In Your Car With Clean Shoes

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Always enter your car after you have wiped your shoes well. Use a dry rag or something to remove wet dew, water, or snow from your shoes. Doing this helps in reducing the moisture amount inside the car, simultaneously reducing the risk of a foggy windscreen.

9. Do Not Bring Wet Items Into Your Ride

Do Not Bring Wet Items Into Your Ride

Moisture is the primary reason for your foggy windshield. So, avoid bringing wet items like towels, umbrellas, & others into your car.

Anyhow, if you do have to bring in a wet item, shake it well to get rid of settled moisture on the surface and place it in the trunk instead.

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10. Professional Maintenance

Professional Maintenance

You can do all sorts of things to maintain your ride but have professional maintenance at least once every six months. This way you will be updated on the working of all the interior mechanical parts like the defroster, AC, heater, and more.

With professional assistance, you can get hold of an issue before it gets severe and ensure better airflow all the time.

11. Buy Silica Dehumidifier

Buy Silica Dehumidifier

The silica dehumidifiers work to absorb any moisture or humidity from the air. Keeping one inside your car all the time will keep your ride dry, and it will soak up all the humidity in the cabin.

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The product comes in little bags and jars. You can choose the size as per your preference. Furthermore, silica packets are affordable & reusable. The only thing you need to remember is to keep them away from the reach of children.

How To Remove Fog From Outside Windshield During Cold Temperature

If you are thinking about how to stop your windshield from fogging up during cold times, the best solutions are listed below. Follow the steps as suggested & you will get rid of windshield fog in no time.

– Turn Up The Heat

The first thing to do is turn up your car’s heat to the maximum level. Hot air can hold more moisture than cold air, so cranking up the temperature will help collect the moisture, which generally leads to windshield fog.

– Time To Run The AC

The next step is to turn off the car heater and run the air conditioner. Running the AC helps in pulling the moisture out from the air as it circulates through the air conditioning system.

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– Stop Air Recirculation

Now it is time you turn off your car’s recirculation button. Doing this will allow the fresh, cold, and dry air to enter your cabin space.

– Slide Down The Windows

Lastly, crack open your car windows for a few minutes. Doing this will allow the humid air inside your car to combine with the cold & dry outside air and remove fog from your windshield.

How To Stop Your Windshield From Fogging Up During Warm Temperature

If you find your windshield fogging even when it is warm outside, it indicates that the temperature & moisture level of your car’s exterior is more than its interior.

This difference leads to a foggy windshield. To get rid of the fog, you need to increase the moisture level & temperature inside your automobile. Here are the steps that can help you achieve the desired outcome.

– Activate Windshield Wipers

Firstly, start your car’s windshield wipers to remove all the condensation from the windscreen exterior. You can also use a dry microfiber cloth to get the job done.

– Shut Down The Air Conditioner

After clearing the windshield, turn off your car’s air conditioning. Doing this will allow you to raise the temperature of your vehicle without making it too hot for you to sit.

– No Air Recirculation

Ensure your car’s air recirculation button is off. It will ensure that your car’s temperature and moisture level match its exterior. 

How to get rid of foggy windows in cars?

The easiest way to ensure your windows fog less and less is by keeping them clean. 

Use a powerful cleaning agent to wash your car windows. This will ensure there is no dirt & debris buildup.

Lastly, finish your cleaning job with an antifog spray which forms a protective layer that will not allow fogging on the glass.

What is the main cause of a windshield fogging on the inside?

The temperature and moisture content in the air are the two primary reasons for windshield fogging.

Fogging is a permanent phenomenon during rain. And if at that time the air of your cabin is filled with moisture like a hot beverage, many passengers, and others, the condensation is more likely to happen at a faster rate.

Due to rain, the glass has a low temperature, but the moisture in the air has higher. Thus, when moistness collides with the cold surface, it cools down, forming the fog layer.

Can I prevent fogging from happening?

There is not a hundred percent successful remedy. However, there are a few things that you can do to prevent fogging.

Use an ammonia-based cleaner or shaving cream to clean the car’s windshield & windows, enter only after cleaning the moisture off your clothes & shoes, and more.

Keeping a regular check on your activities & usage of the car air conditioning system will help you.

Is car fogging dangerous?

YES. If the windshield and windows of your car get covered in a layer of fog, it becomes hard for you to see the road and can cause a fatal accident.

So, it is always better to know how to control fog buildup while driving. And if you can not do it, always park your car on the safe side of the road and do the task manually.

Does temperature affect fogging?

The temperature difference between the interior and exterior of the car is the prime reason for the occurrence of fogging. It is why you can have it both in winter and summer.

Also, the moisture content in your cabin air plays a role. Thus, always ensure to use a defroster, heater, and air conditioner in the remedy way to get rid of air moisture content and have only dry air circulating inside.


If you want to know how to keep the windshield from fogging, this guide for any climatic condition is for you. We hope you enjoy learning different ways of cleaning & preventing fogging on your windshield & windows.

Please let us know your views in the comments below.

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