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If you are a car fanatic and like to communicate your knowledge through writing, CARS CACHE is the perfect platform for you.

CARS CACHE is a dedicated online platform for the automobile & automotive industries. We do not care about your working background. If you can write an article worth reading, we will publish it.

Writing for us can give you that much-needed exposure and a chance to interact with like-minded people. Here at CARS CACHE, we are about providing our readers the verifiable, in-depth & exclusive reading materials.

If you agree to write with us, you will have a chance to showcase your automotive knowledge with your writing skills.

How Writing For Us Can Be A Game Changer?

There are many devoted bloggers & writers out there but many struggles because they do not have the reach to the well-suited audience.

Writing for CARSCACHE will let you get in touch with the people who love automobiles as much as you do.

You will finally have an extensive outlook and a larger fanbase, which will help you grow your blog or website & boost its traffic organically.

With our readers, you will get a loyal audience. Moreover, who knows in the future, you might become a regular contributor to our blog.

Types Of Articles You Can Write For Us

CARSCACHE is a definitive automotive blog, and your submission should majorly relate to the automobile or automotive industry. We do not accept anything that has a remote link to the topic.

We understand as a guest writer you might get confused about what to write or decipher what we are looking for.

For us, you can submit car reviews, listicle blogs about best picks (according to brand, type, etc.), model comparisons, sneak-a-peak into upcoming models, and other similar ideas.

Articles Writing Guidelines

We are an online platform dedicated to the automotive industry. And just because we are asking fellow writers to contribute to use does not mean we do not have rules.

We strive to provide our readers best content that is not only an enjoyable read but also provides knowledge.

To ensure that your submitted content gets selected by CARSCACHE, it needs to be as per our guidelines & criteria mentioned below:

  • Your content should be well researched and related to the automotive industry majorly.
  • The work should be entirely original and not be available anywhere on the internet. We are strictly against plagiarism & copyright breaches.
  • We want the article’s language to be simple enough for people of any age group to understand. It should not only be appealing to car lovers only.
  • The content length should be around 1000-1200 words. In addition, it should be error-free & well-optimized.
  • You can include SEO keywords but not more than two. However, our team will review them before publishing.
  • CARSCACHE team will review & edit all the selected submissions before publishing.
  • We require you to submit two photographs related to your blog. We will choose the one we find more suitable.
  • You can freely promote your published blog post on your website or any other available social media platform.
  • We reserve the right to reject or remove your guest post blogs anytime, without any prior intimation. We are not answerable to you on this matter.
  • Lastly, there will be no compensation to the writers for writing the guest blog posts.

Article Submission Guidelines

We have one of the easiest blog post submission procedures. You can simply email it to us but be careful of the subject line to avoid any confusion.

You can submit your article at [email protected]. In the subject line, we want you to mention “Guest Post Submission: Your Article Topic”.

Here, the Article Topic will be the specific category of automobiles you will be talking about in the blog, like review, comparison, maintenance guide, or others.

In addition, we suggest you go through our terms & conditions before you submit.

Lastly, we want you to understand that we are overwhelmed with writing requests. It can happen that your article might not get published. If such a thing happens to you, then there must be something you might be lacking or doing wrong.

However, to give you a better idea, here are some of the prime reasons why your blogs are getting rejected:

  • Your content is not original. We never accept plagiarised content.
  • The content is initially yours but is already on the web via another platform.
  • Your content has no connection to the topic you submitted. If your content does not justify your subject line, we are not considering it.
  • The tone of your article is not suitable for our audience.
  • The blog is shorter than 800 words.
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