7 Top Kids Motorcycle Helmets To Keep Your Children Safe On Streets

kids motorcycle helmets

Is your child keen on learning to ride a bike? If that’s the case, you’re undoubtedly wondering how safe that is and whether you even want to enable it. That’s understandable because biking is dangerous, but what kid doesn’t enjoy an adventure?

Children will love street motorcycling if they wear the right kids’ motorcycle helmets. The construction of child helmets is the same as that of adult helmets. They have a different style and color scheme but are just as safe and secure.

Helmets help to limit the potential effects of a collision by decreasing the impact. The helmet should be comfortable and protect the entire head and neck.

We outlined the top youth motorcycle helmets, so check them out. Check out the buyer’s guide below the reviews for some of the most important information that can help you decide.

Top Pick Children’s Motorcycle Helmets For 2023

Helmets play a major role in reducing the severity of head injuries when they occur. And it’s not just adults who benefit from wearing motorcycle helmets; kids and teens can also wear them for protection.

And for parents, selecting a helmet appropriate for their child is key. But how do you know which one is best? Hence, we come to the rescue with our list of the 7 best kids’ motorcycle helmets.

  1. LS2 Helmets Rapid Mini Helmet
  2. HJC Helmets CL-Y Kids Motorcycle Helmet
  3. Typhoon Helmets Youth Helmet & Goggles
  4. Fox Racing V1 Core Kids Helmet
  5. HJC Helmets CL-XY 2 Youth Motorcycle Helmet
  6. LS2 Gate Youth Full-Face Helmet
  7. TCMT Dot Kids Motocross Street Helmet

Child’s Best Motorcycle Helmet – A Buying Guide

We can all agree that safety is the most important factor when purchasing a helmet. However, other elements are also essential, such as the pricing, the brand, and of course, the color.

The finest type of kids’ motorcycle helmet combines all of these factors. Furthermore, there are certain aspects to consider before making a purchase, which is as follows:

A. Safety Ratings

There are several helmet safety certifications. DOT is the most widely used certification. It authorizes the helmet’s use on public highways in the United States. Europe uses the ECE rating, slightly stricter than the DOT grade.

Finally, the SNELL rating decides whether or not the helmet is suitable for competitive racing. In most circumstances, if your child’s motorcycle helmet meets DOT standards, you’re OK to go.

B. Comfort Grade

The comfort of a children’s motorcycle helmet is critical. If your child expects to ride frequently, the helmet should be comfortable for extended periods. It should also be light enough that your child does not have neck pain.

The interior liner should be comfortable to wear and not irritate the skin. It’s also a good idea to have a moisture-wicking and machine-washable lining.

C. Ventilation

Riding a motorcycle can quickly cause your youngster to sweat like any other physical activity. A high-quality kids’ motorcycle helmet should have a good ventilation system to provide adequate airflow.

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Look for a helmet with many intake vents and the ability to control the amount of airflow. The cutouts in the helmet’s EPS interior also aid in ventilation, letting the helmet breathe easier during the hot summer months.

D. Add-on Features

You may be in a circumstance where you require an additional feature in your motorbike helmet. Some essential features are anti-fogging technology, a pin-lock insert, a quick-release mechanism, and an integrated sun visor.

Generally, less expensive helmets come with only the basic features out of the box, and you must purchase the extras separately. Moreover, motorcycle helmets for kids tend to be as cheap as possible, so you shouldn’t expect many added features.

5 Different Types Of Kids’ Motorcycle Helmets

Motorcycle helmets are an essential piece of safety gear. Different types of helmets come with different riding styles and conditions. If you’re shopping for a helmet for your child, it’s important to choose the right one to ensure their safety on the road.

In this section, we’ll introduce you to 5 different types of kids’ motorcycle helmets and help you choose the best one for your child.

1. Full-Face Motorcycle Helmets

Full-face youth motorcycle helmets are suitable to protect the wearer from the weather. Full-face helmets can be quickly and easily put on regardless of the temperature outside.

Their chin guard protects you from water, dirt, and insects, and their clear visor lets you see everything. Consequently, when riding your motorcycle, you will feel safe and secure.

2. Modular Motorcycle Helmets

Kid’s Modular motorcycle helmets offer the utmost safety, comfort, and elegance. These helmets have a modular construction, allowing for simple removal and replacement without using tools.

They are perfect for riders who wish to switch up their appearance quickly. Additionally, modular motorcycle helmets have better safety features. These frequently have numerous layers of defense and top-notch impact-absorbing materials.

3. Open-Face Motorcycle Helmets

Children who don’t frequently ride could wear open-face helmets. In comparison to full-face helmets, these helmets provide less protection. But they will nonetheless keep you safe from serious injuries like head trauma.

You may find some excellent open-faced kid’s helmets for a reasonable price today. It might be exciting and entertaining to ride a bike, but you should always make sure you are wearing safety gear.

4. Motorcycle Half Helmets

Kids’ motorcycle half-helmets are helmets that only protect the top of the head. Half of the helmets generally contain a sun visor to protect riders from the sun. Additionally, certain models have a face cover to guard against wind and debris.

Half-face youth motorcycle helmets are undoubtedly the most comfortable. Additionally, they are lightweight motorcycle helmets for kids so that they may avoid head weariness and neck aches.

5. Dirt Bike or Motocross Helmets

Unlike a typical motorcycle helmet, a motocross helmet offers more protection. You can use goggles during an off-road riding competition or race, and motocross helmets can handle the added strain.

Compared to a regular helmet, the added layer of protection comes at the cost of weight, comfort, and airflow. Although this helmet gives superior protection, successful racing riders still prefer to wear it.

7 Best-Tested Motorcycle Helmets For Kids Review 2023 with Buying Guide

Teaching your child to ride a bike can be a rewarding experience. As you teach them how to bike, you also ensure that they follow safety guidelines. One such regulation is always to wear a helmet; it will save their lives in an accident.

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To make things easier, we explored and selected the 7 best motorcycle helmets for kids. We chose these kids’ helmets after researching many variables and specifications of each product.

1. LS2 Childs Rapid Mini Helmet

kids motorcycle helmets
  • Brand: LS2
  • Color: Matte Black
  • Size: Youth Large
  • Age Range: Youth
  • DOT-Approved
  • Aerodynamic Design
  • Dual-Density EPS Liner
  • Quick-Release System
  • Anti-Fogging Technology

A full-face youth motorcycle helmet on our list is the LS2 Rapid Mini. It’s a fashionable motorcycle helmet for kids aged 10 and older, with a simple design and an aerodynamic shape. Some may find the helmet’s feel and appearance overly basic.

The shell of the LS2 Rapid Mini helmet consists of lightweight thermoplastic material. The helmet is DOT-approved for safety and comes in two shell sizes. Inside the shell is a dual-density EPS liner, which is common in motorcycle helmets.

The LS2 Rapid Mini helmet has anti-fogging technology. Inside the helmet is a completely removable, washable comfort lining of multiple pieces. The chin strap on this helmet has a quick-release system that is safe and simple.

This helmet has one huge inlet vent on the front and two small groups on the helmet’s peak. These air vents offer excellent ventilation, keeping your child’s head cool and dry. This full-face helmet is undoubtedly one of the best options if you want a stylish design.


  • Lightweight construction.
  • Excellent ventilation.
  • The shield is pin lock-ready.


  • It’s not comfy around the neck.

2. HJC Helmets CL-Y Kids Motorcycle Helmet

kids motorcycle helmets
  • Brand: HJC Helmets
  • Color: Black
  • Size: Large
  • Age Range: Youth
  • DOT-Approved
  • Large-Eye Port Design
  • Integrated Ventilation System
  • Washable & Removable Interior

The HJC CL-Y helmet would be the best full-face helmet for children if we had to choose just one. It offers your child the maximum safety possible from a motorcycle helmet because it is a full-face helmet.

This helmet has lightweight, resilient polycarbonate and is DOT-certified. An anti-scratch layer on the exterior of the shield of the helmet guards against scratches and offers UV protection. A 4-position ratchet system makes it easy to open the face shield.

The HJC CL-Y kids’ motorcycle helmet’s interior is detachable and washable. The inside comfort liner’s materials include plush and Nylex. Although the airflow is sufficient, it is better than that of more expensive youth motorcycle helmets.

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Overall, it is a full-face helmet that is extremely safe and comfortable. Additionally, it is competitive with some of the expensive motorcycle helmets. Your child’s only flimsy worry might be the absence of an anti-fogging system.


  • UV ray protection.
  • Advanced polycarbonate construction.
  • The liner is quite comfortable.


  • It lacks anti-fogging technology.

3. Typhoon Helmets Youth Helmet & Goggles

best motorcycle helmets for kids
  • Brand: Typhoon Helmets
  • Color: Red W/ Red Goggles
  • Size: Large
  • Age Range: Youth
  • 3-Point Sun Visor
  • Meets DOT Standards
  • Washable & Removable Liner
  • Chin Strap D-Ring Closure

This child’s motorcycle helmet features an appealing red Spiderman motif. It’s small enough for a youngster but comes in three different sizes. It includes goggles for improved eyesight and increased eye protection.

This is one of the few children’s versions certified by the Department of Transportation to fulfill the FMVSS 218 standard. It contains a removable lining you can wash and air dry.

This helmet adds protection and a better fit by keeping the head secure and fitting. This one weighs 2.7 pounds and is not suitable for children under the age of five. It has two intake vents for increased ventilation and comfort when riding.

The contoured shell incorporates side traction plates that keep the goggles in place. Furthermore, the 3-point visor contributes to the overall robustness and design.


  • It comes with a carrying case.
  • Lightweight.
  • The interior is soft.


  • Not suitable for children under the age of five.

4. Fox Racing V1 Core Kids Helmet

best motorcycle helmets for kids
  • Brand: Fox Racing
  • Color: Black/Gold
  • Size: Large
  • Age Range: Youth
  • Meets DOT Standards
  • ABS Shell Construction
  • Magnetic Visor Release System
  • Multi-Directional Impact Protection System

Fox Racing’s Youth V1 motocross helmet is only for young riders. Your child will benefit from enhanced safety and comfort at a little higher cost. The safety headgear is DOT and ECE-certified. The shell has polycarbonate injection molding.

Moreover, it is a lightweight helmet, weighing only 2 pounds, and can only fit children from 4 to 8. The peak visor on the top of the helmet is detachable. This function is known as the Magnetic Visor Release System.

The Youth V1 helmet is quite comfortable to wear and has excellent airflow. The interior liner, which is detachable and washable, is soft and cozy while feeling solid and durable. Because the helmet fits snugly, we recommend getting a size up.

After inspecting Fox’s V1 motocross helmet for youngsters, we can conclude that this is high-quality riding gear. It fits perfectly, has amazing airflow, and has a reasonable price.


  • Lightweight.
  • It fits snugly.
  • It’s well-ventilated.


  • More expensive than competitors.

5. HJC Helmets CL-XY 2 Youth Motorcycle Helmet

full face youth motorcycle helmets
  • Brand: HJC Helmets
  • Color: Red
  • Size: Large
  • Age Range: Youth
  • DOT-Approved
  • Polycarbonate Composite Shell
  • Advanced CAD Technology
  • Advanced Channeling Ventilation

Another best youth motorcycle helmet on our list is the HJC CL-XY 2 Youth helmet. It is slightly more expensive than the other helmets but has a higher-quality finish and some graphics. The helmet is appropriate for children aged 5 to 10.

The HJC CL-XY 2 helmet is DOT, and ECE-certified, making it suitable for usage in most circumstances. The exterior consists of polycarbonate composite material. A few screws hold the peak visor to the top of the helmet.

HJC picked the Nylex comfort lining for their CL-XY 2 Youth helmet. The chin strap of this helmet has a dual D-ring system that is extremely secure. EPS lining features several ventilation cutouts, including eight intakes and four exhausts.

The HJC helmet has numerous pros, but it also has a con. The helmet’s design and sizing are completely wrong, so you might have to return it. Aside from that, the CL-XY 2 is an excellent helmet that looks and feels strong.


  • More graphic options.
  • Very comfortable.
  • It’s well-ventilated.


  • The sizes are small.
  • The price is higher than the competition.

6. LS2 Gate Youth Full-Face Helmet

full face youth motorcycle helmets
  • Brand: LS2
  • Color: Multicolor
  • Size: Youth Large
  • Age Range: Youth
  • DOT-Approved
  • Kinetic Polymer Alloy
  • Curved Cheek Pads
  • Multi-Port Flow-Through Ventilation

The LS2 Gate helmet is a kid version of the well-known LS2 Fast adult dirt bike helmet. It contains vibrant artwork depicting a terrifying beast with an open mouth full of razor fangs. Children between the ages of 5 and 10 should wear this helmet.

The helmet has DOT and ECE certifications. In its shell, the manufacturer used a one-of-a-kind Kinetic Polymer Alloy (KPA), an ultra-strong alloy. Furthermore, the interior half of the shell includes a multi-density EPS lining that extends 360 degrees.

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The helmet includes a big peak visor that provides additional sun and muck protection. The helmet has an interior comfort liner made of high-tech moisture-wicking fabric. The cheek pads have a quick-release mechanism.

The LS2 Gate Youth helmet has a large intake vent in front of the chin bar and a few smaller air vents on top. Overall, it is unquestionably a highly secure junior’s helmet that will provide your child with the utmost protection when riding a dirt bike.


  • Lightweight.
  • Incredibly secure.
  • Properly ventilated.
  • Cost-effective.


  • Size is restricted.

7. TCMT Dot Kids Motocross Street Helmet

best tested motorcycle helmets for kids
  • Brand: TCMT
  • Color: Blue, White
  • Size: Youth Large
  • Age Range: Youth
  • DOT-Certified
  • UV-Protected Finished
  • Comfortable Interior
  • Quick-Release Lever

This children’s motorcycle helmet also works well because it has a modern design and full capacity. The fact that this helmet includes a set of gloves and goggles is its best feature. Due to the helmet’s small weight, young children can readily wear it.

It has a UV-protective finish and is extremely durable. The helmet has several vents to accommodate all off-road uses while preventing a child’s head from overheating. Its modular flip-up design guards young children’s eyesight.

The padding within the helmet is thick and adequate and easily removed and cleaned. The product’s price is reasonable, yet some may consider it to be on the low end. Nevertheless, it does its job well.

Its construction guarantees your child’s head security and safety while allowing buckle security. Adjusting the visor provides a suitable shield for the face visor.


  • The design is sleek and shiny.
  • The composite shell is extremely long-lasting.
  • The inside is cushioned and pleasant.


  • You can only use the visor if you are not using goggles.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs )

How To Size A Helmet For Kids?

Pick a string that will wrap around your child’s above your brows, and pass it around the largest portion of your face. In most models, adjustable cheek cushions are standard.

They have soft foam and can be customized to fit your face, so don’t worry if they initially seem uncomfortable. Over time, the pads become more comfortable. Take note of your child’s forehead and crown of the head dimension.

Using this measure, you can compare your size to the size chart provided by the manufacturer.

Are Helmets For Kids Safe?

Helmets provide the best defense against head and brain injuries, whether your kid is skating, riding a bike, scooter, or any other type of board. On the other hand, a helmet will only keep you safe if it properly fits.

Helmets for children are e in the same way as those for adults, but certain materials are more durable than others. High-end models made of strong, resilient materials like Kevlar offer exceptional shock resistance.

Can I Reuse A Helmet After A Crash?

It is only secure if it is in excellent condition and properly fits your child. You should choose a new one if it even slightly cracks or shows signs of wear. Motorcycle helmets may deflate in low-impact collisions, making them less protective in subsequent collisions.

What Are The Top 5 Kids’ Motorcycle Helmets?

When it comes to kids’ motorcycle helmets, you want to ensure you get the best possible product to protect your child. There are a lot of different helmets on the market, so it can take time to decide which one to choose.

To help you out, we’ve put together a list of the top 5 kids’ motorcycle helmets.

Here are the top 5 kids’ motorcycle helmets:

1. LS2 Helmets Rapid Mini Helmet

2. HJC CL-Y Kids Motorcycle Helmet

3. Typhoon Helmets Youth Helmet & Goggles

4. Fox Racing V1 Core Kids Helmet

5. HJC CL-XY 2 Youth Motorcycle Helmet

What Type Of Helmet Is Safest For Kids?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as all helmets have different levels of protection. However, helmets specifically for kids offer more protection. When choosing a helmet for a child, it is important to consider the child’s size, weight, and age.

Furthermore, the helmet must fit properly, and the child must be able to see and hear properly. Lastly, it is important to select a comfortable helmet for the child to wear and that the child will want to wear.

Which Is Better Full-Face Helmet or Half Face?

According to the data, full-face helmets will provide the rider with greater protection than open-face ones. It might be ideal for checking into full-face helmets for the best protection if you want to optimize the amount of helmet safety you will gain on the road.

Final Thoughts

Youth motorbike helmets are now rather simple to purchase. It is due to the increased popularity of biking today. But partly, it is because of the recent legislation requiring both adults and children to wear safety equipment.

While considering your child’s preferences, be sure to pay close attention to the size and material you select. Hopefully, this list of 7 kids’ motorcycle helmets and buyer’s guide has assisted you in choosing the right one for your child.

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