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8 Top Reasons Why Does My Car Sound Like A Motorcycle

why does my car sound like a motorcycle

Why my car sounds like a motorcycle is the first question that pops into our mind whenever our vehicle starts making a rumbling, unbearable noise. One of the modern cars’ most significant advantages over old ones is their quiet operation. You can barely hear the engine running. 

So, if you find your car going all noisy with two-wheeler-like sounds, there is something seriously wrong with your vehicle. A noisy ride is unattractive and makes riding in your vehicle uncomfortable.

There are several reasons why a car sounds like a motorcycle. The hardest part is pinpointing the cause before more extensive damage is done.

The only crucial thing you must remember is that various car models come with an inbuilt motorcycle-like noise. So, if your car comes with such a feature, you do not have anything to worry about.

A noisy car engine is not a good sign and can hurt your ride severely if left untreated. To ensure you keep your ride & money, we bring you this guide. We have eight top reasons why your vehicle might sound like a motorcycle and how to prevent such a thing.

So, sit back, relax, and keep reading to learn something new that will come in handy down the road.

8 Top Reasons Why My Car Sounds Like A Motorcycle

Motorcycles are known for their sounds, whether a Harley-Davidson, Yamaha, Kawasaki or any other brand. Another great reason people opt for sounds is that they can customize their vehicle to sound like their favorite one. 

Having a motorcycle that roars is a great thing. However, it isn’t good if a four-wheeler, say a car, SUV, or pickup, starts making such a noise.

The exhaust system of your vehicle is the biggest reason for the sound. Still, there are several other reasons you will think, why does my car sound like a motorcycle shifting hard? Check out all the top eight reasons a vehicle will become noisy and disrupt your driving comfort.

1. Exhaust System

A vehicle’s exhaust system starts from the engine and ends at the tailpipe. Over time the system is bound to develop issues with continuous exposure to gases, high temperatures, exhaust leaks, & other pollutants.

It is typical for a vehicle’s exhaust system to develop rust and corrosion. So, suppose you ever hear a loud noise while accelerating. In that case, there is a high chance your exhaust system is the culprit, and you must have it examined as soon as possible.

Another reason your exhaust system is making noise is the mechanical fault. If it is not placed correctly, it leads to loose ends that cause a growling noise.

2. Loose Tailpipe Covering

There are chances that one of the tailpipes of your ride becomes stuck while you are accelerating. It does not sound like more of an actual problem, as there is nothing wrong with your ride physically. The tailpipes can get stuck when you put too much pressure while accelerating.

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But you can fix it by driving or lightly hitting the tailpipe with your shoe or something else. It will resolve your issue. However, we recommend you have a professional look at it, so it does not happen again when you are getting frisky on the gas.

3. Worn-out air filter

If you drive, you must know how crucial the air filter is for the proper functioning of your car engine. Over time the air filter gets clogged with the deposits of all the pollutants, gases, and oil burns.

The clogging of the air filter results in poor air circulation, which forces your engine to push itself harder to draw more oxygen from the outside. With the engine under so much pressure, whenever you try to accelerate, the engine will make a noise leaving you questioning why my car engine sounds like a moped.

It all happens as there is not enough airflow which leads to improper combustion and, thus, the rattling of the engine.

4. Loose Exhaust Manifold Bolts

The manifold is one of the crucial parts of your automobile’s exhaust system. It is the part that carries hot gaseous fumes from your engine to the tailpipe, which then are eliminated into the air.

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This exhaust manifold is secured in its place via bolts. Suppose even one of these bolts gets loose. In that case, you will hear a rattling sound whenever your car runs, especially during acceleration.

Please do not ignore the rattling, as it can be dangerous. You will not only create unsafety for yourself but also for your fellow drivers & pedestrians.

5. Drivetrain Issues

Another reason that makes you wonder why does my car suddenly sounds like a motorcycle is if there is any issue with the drivetrain.

If you hear the growling while accelerating, drivetrain issues are another fact at play. Harmful transmission fluid levels, misaligned gears, worn-out parts, and several other reasons give rise to drivetrain problems.

If you get the issue handled as soon as you encounter it, you will only need to flush out the car’s transmission fluid.

However, if the problem persists, you will require professional assistance. Thus, if you find the drivetrain behind your noisy ride, go for professional help. Refrain from fixing it yourself, as you can damage your car further.

6. Busted Transmission Fluid

The degraded or busted transmission fluid is the most prominent among all the drivetrain issues. It can create problems in your car’s drivetrain and automatic transmission. With worn-out fluid, the automatic transmission fluid will make a noise whenever you accelerate.

Busted transmission fluid indicated either low fluid levels or leakage in the system. You can refill to bring up the fluid level and fix the leakage. But your car needs professional diagnosis if it has proper fluid levels and is still causing the sounds.

7. Damaged Serpentine Belt

There are several issues you can face regarding your car’s belt. A loose belt is one of the most common issues most car owners encounter.

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It is a concerning issue as it creates a loud howling noise whenever you accelerate or turn. Also, operating your car becomes more of a task than smooth sailing.

8. Check Engine Light Is ON

If your ride is making noise and you have your check engine light on, it indicates there can be an issue with your engine, exhaust system, or transmission.

This light does not pinpoint a particular issue but gives you a window into what might be creating it. So, instead of figuring out things independently, you should go to a mechanic and inspect your vehicle.

5 Easy Ways You Can Prevent Your Four-Wheeler Produce Noise Like A Motorbike

Suppose you find yourself anticipating why my car engine sounds like a motorcycle. In that case, a professional outlook is the best solution.

A mechanic will check your ride thoroughly for all the reasons a four-wheeler might make a tribulating sound. While professional assistance is the best solution, at the same time, it is the most expensive one.

Going to a garage to have your vehicle’s issues fixed can easily cost you over $100. Let’s be honest. We all know we only sometimes have the budget to seek professional aid for our vehicles. And out of the blue, such a requirement crashes our monthly budget.

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But you can prevent such a thing by following our five preventive measures below. You will not only be avoiding the noise fiasco but also keeping your ride in better shape.

1. Careful Driving

Careful Driving

One of the biggest reasons people see degradation in their vehicles’ operation is their reckless driving. The rougher you are with shifting your gears, accelerating, and jumping into every hurdle you see on the road, the more noise your car will make.

Thus, avoid stomping or jerking on the acceleration paddle. Avoid pressing down too hard, making your engine roar more loudly than it should. Also, driving within the speed limit is the best decision.

2. Inspect the Exhaust System

Inspect the Exhaust System

As mentioned before, your car’s exhaust system is one of the most common reasons for your ride going wild. So, it is better that you make a habit of inspecting your car’s exhaust system regularly.

The system will cause trouble if there are loose parts, rust build-up, or leakage. If you see any of these issues, replace your exhaust system immediately.

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3. Keep A Check On Engine Oil

Keep A Check On Engine Oil

For smooth operation, your engine requires engine oil. The engine oil is the reason why your engine cause no sound and you do not have any issues starting & operating it.

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You must change your engine oil regularly. As you operate the engine, combustion makes the oil dirty. If you do not remove the dirty oil, it starts creating friction leading to the wearing & tearing of engine parts.

Thus, it is necessary to maintain an optimum oil level and change the oil at least once a month.

4. Engine Inspection Is A Must

Engine Inspection Is A Must

Another prophylactic way to keep your vehicle sounding like a two-wheeler is to regularly inspect the parts of the engine that are primarily responsible for the noise.

The drivetrain components, the car’s belt, and disc brakes are crucial parts to check for any wear & tear.If you find any signs of worn-out, take your ride to a mechanic before the condition gets worse.

5. Adopt The Habit Of Regular Maintenance

Adopt The Habit Of Regular Maintenance

Many people love owning a vehicle, but when it comes to taking care of them, they are less thrilled by the idea.

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One of the best & cheapest ways to keep a car just as new as a brand-new one is regular maintenance. You should clean your ride in-depth and inspect it thoroughly at least once a month. Also, take your ride for a professional inspection once every five to six months. 

A twice-a-year policy for professional assistance is if you genuinely do regular maintenance on your part. If not, your workshop visits need to be more than the ones who take good care of your ride.

Regular maintenance will let you know of any issue before it can cause any harm to your ride. You can take care of it beforehand and keep your ride up & running smoothly.

FAQ About Car Sounds Like a Motorcycle

Why does my car sound like a motorcycle when I press the gas?

If your car makes loud noises like a motorbike as soon as you accelerate, it is a sign that something is wrong with your ride.

You should examine the engine and the exhaust system of your ride. And if you cannot find the reason, take your ride to a mechanic immediately.

How do I know if the exhaust of my car is leaking?

The foremost reason you can find your exhaust leaking is if your car makes loud noises.

Other than this, if you find your tailpipe hanging down lower than usual or water dripping from it, it is a sign of exhaust leaking.

Why is regular maintenance necessary?

If you maintain your vehicle regularly, you will be able to keep it longer than those who need to take better care of their ride.

Cleaning your car, examining vehicle fluids, and checking mechanical parts, & other vital points will ensure your vehicle does not develop any issues.

Also, regular maintenance can help you diagnose and handle an issue before it causes any damage.

Can tires make my car noisy?

If you have tires that have mismatched tread depths, they can make loud noises while you drive.

Uneven tires will create unbalance on the road, and this uneven wear will cause your ride to screech significantly when you accelerate.

Can a low engine oil level cause my car to sound like a motorcycle when accelerating?

YES. A low engine level halts the smooth running of your engine—the lower the engine oil level, the more friction your engine face.

Thus, your engine requires more power to work and makes loud noises.

So, if you must press too hard on that race pedal, check the oil level in your ride.


If you ever find yourself asking why my car engine sounds like a motorcycle, you need to do an in-depth examination of your ride.

Check for the engine, exhaust system, and other crucial parts that are known to fool the drivers. Follow this simple guide that car experts swear by, and you will never have a roaring car with you.

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