Hot Rod Power Tour 2024 Announcement USA | 30th Tour Schedule

Are you a car enthusiast eagerly waiting for the 2024 Hot Rod power tour announcement? If yes, we are here with all the crucial details released about this event. Hot Rod Power Tour USA is an organized vehicle tour where hot rodders take their automobiles through a pre-planned route throughout the United States.

This automotive tour began in 1995, and since then, it has been like a Super Bowl for car lovers of America. And now HOT ROD Power Tour 2024 is gearing up to hit the road. This annual vehicle event brings all car enthusiasts from the entire nation together in one place.

HOT ROD Power Tour is one of those few places where people come together to share their love of muscle cars, hot rods, and any automotive considered classic or custom. With the HOT ROD Power Tour 2024 June announcement, it is clear that this event will be a week-long journey like all the other times.

Participants will get to drive and showcase the vehicles they are proud of, enjoy companionship and scenic beauty, and have a road trip through multiple cities, making memories for life.

We finally have all the information regarding this upcoming ultimate automotive adventure commencing in June 2024, and we will share every bit of it with you all below.

Hot Rod Power Tour Journey So Far

The Hot Rod Power Tour is an organized tour for hot roders where they drive through a pre-planned route throughout the great nation of the United States. This tradition began in 1995 when HOT ROD staff members decided to take some of their car projects on a cross-country drive from Los Angeles to Norwalk in Ohio.

Thousands of carheads participated in this first road trip, but only seven made it to the end with the Hot Rod team. Since its beginning, this event has continued gaining popularity each year. It has become one of the most anticipated automotive events in the USA.

The Hot Rod Power 2024 tour Schedule rumors have been circulating for quite some time. And all those speculations are finally put to rest as the Hot Rod Power Tour announcement for 2024 is finally out.

2024 is when HOT ROD proudly celebrates 30 years of its popular HOT ROD POWER TOUR. This year, again, it will be a five-city tour that runs through the Southeast/Midwest regions of the United States.

The tour will begin on June 10 and end on June 14, with historic Beech Bend Raceway in Bowling Green, Kentucky, as the starting point of the journey.

Each stop on the route is combined with activities or events varying to a great extent. You will most likely see entertainment, contests, celebrities, and games.

Hot Rod Power Tour 2024 West

Before we dive into the Hot Rod Power Tour 2024 schedule and explore what tricks this upcoming event has up its sleeve, we have something more exclusive to share. To commemorate the 75 years of HOT ROD, the owners celebrated it with a three-day road trip known as the inaugural HOT ROD Power Tour West from December 15 to December 17.

This inaugural tour to the West has just finished. The three-day trip began with many elements fulfilling, starting from Irwindale Speedway in Southern California to the Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway and then back to SoCal.

The organizers ended this trip of 75 years of celebration with cruising and drag racing. The unique thing about this trip was that the race happened on a dragship that hosted the first-ever NHRA event 70 years ago.

What a thrill Hot Rod Power Tour 2024 organizers gave to all the hot rodders and thrill seekers. All the riders enjoyed the drive from the Mojave Desert, Las Vegas, to California, ending at In-N-Out Burger Pomona Dragstrip.

The Hot Rod Power Tour 2024 West will go down as a historic event in the history of HOT ROD. The event ended on December 17, 2023, with a promise to do it again next year.

Hot Rod Power Tour 2024 Announcement USA

2024 hot rod power tour announcement usa

The announcement regarding the upcoming Hot Rod Power Tour 2024 is finally here. If you were eagerly waiting for this year’s annual fest, it is time to mark your calendars.

This road trip is scheduled to begin on June 10, 2024, and end on June 14, 2024. The exact dates of the travel are finally here with the 2024 Hot Rod power tour announcement, and you all can plan your schedules accordingly.

So, if you want to know more about the 2024 Hot Rod Power Tour announcement release date, the wait is finally over.

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Mark your calendars, HOT ROD fanatics. It is finally happening. The five days from June 10, 2024, to June 14, 2024, on your calendar are now already booked.

30th Annual Hot Rod Power Tour 2024 Schedule

If you want to fuel your dedication to cars and fill up your driving time with thrill and excitement, there is nothing better than the 2024 Hot Rod power tour schedule. We finally have the 2024 Hot Rod power tour announcement date, along with the complete schedule of the tour.

This year, HOT ROD celebrates the 30 years of its famous Hot Rod Power Tour, and we can not handle our excitement. This annual spectacle of automotive enthusiasts is gearing up for a soul-searching and thrilling journey across the nation that no one will ever forget.

You are promised a week filled with thrills of roaring engines, iconic ride displays, drag races, and unforgettable memories with fellow automobile lovers.

Day 1: Monday, June 10—Beech Bend Raceway Park, Bowling Green, Kentucky

Day 2: Tuesday, June 11—Nashville Superspeedway, Lebanon, Tennessee

Day 3: Wednesday, June 12—L&N Federal Credit Union Stadium, Louisville, Kentucky

Day 4: Thursday, June 13—National Trail Raceway, Hebron, Ohio

Day 5: Friday, June 14—Lucas Oil Indianapolis Raceway Park, Indianapolis, Indiana

Hot Rod Power Tour 2024 Route Map

HOT ROD Power Tour 2024

Hot Rod has been testing the patience of its tour lovers. The company had not revealed anything other than the 2024 hot rod power tour announcement confirmation till the end of 2023.

But finally, our pleas have reached the ears of the Hot Rod Power Tour planners, and they have finally released the Hot Rod Power Tour 2024 route map USA.

Hot Rod Power Tour 2024 Route Map USA Release Date

  • Tuesday, June 11 – Bowling Green, Kentucky, to Lebanon, Tennessee
  • Wednesday, June 12 – Lebanon, Tennessee, to Louisville, Kentucky
  • Thursday, June 13 – Louisville, Kentucky, to Hebron, Ohio
  • Friday, June 14 – Hebron, Ohio, to Indianapolis, Indiana

And by looking at what the organizers have for you this year, 2024, you will embark on a journey that will only leave you thirsty for more. The tour road map will guide you through adventurous and scenic expeditions. Many key attractions will be on the route, making you feel like an on-road traveler exploring America.

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The breathtaking landscapes, thrilling destinations, and iconic landmarks will make the money you will spend on this power tour worth it. The 2024 hot rod power tour will allow you to discover new horizons from modern cities to beautiful countryside.

Hot Rod Power Tour 2024 Location USA

Hot Rod Power Tour 2024 Location

The thrill and excitement are the highlights of the upcoming Hot Rod Road Power Tour in June 2024. The Power Tour 2024 will begin in Beech Bend Raceway Park, Bowling Green, Kentucky, and end at Lucas Oil Indianapolis Raceway Park, Indianapolis, Indiana.

Below, we have a detailed description of this five-day power tour as per the 2024 Hot Rod Power Tour location map disclosure and announcement.

You will finally get the answer to all your questions, like whether there will be the Hot Rod Power Tour 2024 location near me, from which cities the Hot Rod will pass through, and more.

– Start The Power Tour With A Bang

As per the Hot Rod Power Tour 2024 announcement, the official Day 1 of this famous Power Tour is June 10. The tour will start with a bang at Beech Bend Raceway Park, Bowling Green, Kentucky.

June 10 is going to be the busiest day of the tour, filled with many activities. The organizing facility will host a car show, and the dragship will be brought to life with action.

All the participating enthusiasts can shred their tires on an autocross course in the oval. And just like this first day, the following days are also exciting and thrilling, offering all automotive enthusiasts a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

– Second Day Continues The Thrill

On the second day of the Hot Rod Power Tour, the tour will head south to Nashville Superspeedway, where an autocross course will also be set up. To ensure everything is well organized and maintained, the organizers and the MotorTrend Event team have worked hard to plan a better entrance and exit for the 2024 Hot Rod Power Tour event.

There will be many hotspots will be in the mid-tour, including iconic speedways, unique cultural attractions, and memorable experiences. The in-between stops of the power tour are designed precisely to enhance your overall journey.

To ensure you enjoy every part of the trip, the 2024 car tour schedule will showcase a local automotive culture that might seem alien to you.

You sure will capture the essence of each city along this 2024 hot rod power tour announcement. If you are always thinking of taking a trip across the country to capture its unique blend of cuisine, culture, and car, we recommend you buy those Hot Rod Power Tour 2024 tickets as soon as possible.

– Third-Day Is All About Scenic Beauty

The next place where the Hot Rod Power Tour 2024 route map will take you is back into Kentucky to Louisville’s L&N Federal Credit Union Stadium.

As you travel north from Lebanon, Tennessee, to Louisville, Kentucky, you are most likely to pass through a variety of landscapes. You might see farmland, rolling hills, and forests along the way, calming your soul.

You will leave all your tiredness and worries behind once you step out of your car and see the view surrounding you. Not only this but the June Hot Rod Power Tour 2024 route map may also take you through small towns and communities, giving you a close look at local life.

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And once you reach Louisville, you will be in the largest city in Kentucky. Louisville is known for its historical architecture, vibrant arts scene, Ohio River, and the most famous Kentucky Derby.

– Fourth Day Will Have You Drag Racing All Day Long

After all the sightseeing and enjoying what Louisville, Kentucky, has to offer all the Hot Rod Power Tour participants, this northern swing continues to its fourth stop in National Trail Raceway in Columbus, Ohio.

This continuation marks the beginning of the fourth day of the Hot Rod Power Tour 2024, which is Thursday, June 13. On the fourth day of the tour, you will get to enjoy the drag racing at its best. This day is going to be a treat for those who are thrilled with the straight-line hustle.

– End The 30th Hot Rod Power Tour June 2024 In Motor-Sport Capital Of The World

As per the 2024 Hot Rod Power Tour announcement, Friday, June 14, will be the final day of this year’s power tour. The tour will conclude at Lucas Oil Indianapolis Raceway Park in Indianapolis, Indiana.

The motorsport capital of the world is the final stop on the tour, with more drag racing for you to end this epic adventure week. The Hot Rod Power Tour 2024 promises its participants an unforgettable adventure, wanting them to return for the next tour. And organizers are working hard to deliver what has been promised.

Where Can I Watch The 2024 Hot Rod Power Tour?

Hot rod power tour 2024 route map

If you are someone who is a car aficionado but will not be able to participate in the 2024 Hot Rod Power Tour, do not be disheartened. What happens if you can not physically attend the tour? You can always be part of this thrilling automotive journey in several other ways.

– Livestreams and Videos

The easiest way to watch the Hot Rod Power Tour 2024 is to check out the live streams and videos of the road trip. Along with tour organizers, many participants will share livestreams and videos of the event on different social media platforms.

All you have to do is keep a close eye on official channels and enthusiast groups to not miss anything and have a taste of the tour from the comfort of your home.

– Media Coverage

Hot Rod Power Tour has become a spectacular event now covered by the media. Thus, to know what is happening in the power tour from the comfort of your home, look for coverage from automotive media outlets, magazines, and blogs.

You are bound to get comprehensive coverage via photos, videos, key moment highlights, and the introduction of vehicles on the tour.

– Spectate At Tour Stops

Explore the Hot Rod Power Tour 2024 dates and you will find out when the Tour will stop in the cities or areas near you. You can visit those nearby cities to witness the hot rod tour, enjoy extravagant car shows, and engage with fellow automobile lovers.

– Follow Online Updates

To know what is happening in the 2024 Hot Rod Power Tour, follow the tour’s official media accounts for real-time updates. With the official media channels and website, you will know everything happening behind the scenes and the highlights of each tour day. You can experience the road trip and engage with the community via online sources.

– Check Out Local Events

There are chances that the Hot Rod Tour may not pass through your city or any closer region to it. But this should not stop you as you will find many local events organized by car businesses or enthusiasts to enjoy the spirit of the power tour. You can attend such local events and enjoy your love for automobiles.

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How Can I Participate In Hot Rod Power Tour 2024?

Participating in the Hot Rod Power Tour is one of the biggest things for car enthusiasts in America. It is a massive dream of many fanatics, but only a few get to live it.

This event is an opportunity for hot rods to showcase their unique vehicles, share their interests & knowledge, make bonds or connect with fellow gearheads, and experience the essence of a week-long road trip.

So, if you want to ensure that you do not miss out on your chance to participate in the tour, follow the steps mentioned below:

– Check Official Website

To know about the upcoming June 2024 Hot Rod Power Tour, check out the official website for the event. The website is the primary source of all necessary information, like event details, registration information, and other updates.

– Examine Registration Requirements

Not every gearhead is qualified to join the Hot Rod Power Tour 2024. To know if you are eligible, look for the registration section of the website. This section will contain all the details regarding registering for the event. You have to fill out an online form.

– Follow Registration Process

You will get all the instructions on the website to complete your registration for the Hot Rod Power Tour in June 2024. You will need to provide information about yourself and your vehicle, like your name, address, driver’s license, and make, model, & year of your car.

– Review Participant Guidelines

Before joining the power tour, go through the participant rules or guidelines outlined by the organizers. These guidelines may include event protocols, safety regulations, and other crucial details to ensure participants’ tension-free and enjoyable experiences.

Going through the guidelines will let you know whether you agree with everything the organizers have for the participants. Reviewing guidelines will help you make your final decision.

– Pay The Fee

Registration for the Hot Rod Tour is not free. There is a registration fee associated with participating. The fee structure for upcoming events can differ from the recently held event. So, check the official site for current registration fees and payment details.

– Prepare Your Hot Rod

Now that you have registered for the tour, it is time to prepare your ride. Make sure it is in good condition for a rigorous seven-day road trip. Do a thorough check-up, do the necessary maintenance, check fluid levels, and ensure the ride is ready inside & out for the journey across the country.

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– Join The Tour

As per the specified schedule and dates, join the tour at its starting location which is Beech Bend Raceway Park on June 10. Drive along with fellow automobile admirers through multiple cities of the USA and showcase your vehicle at various stops along the route.

– Engage in The Activities

Hot Rod Power Tour is more than just a simple drive through different American cities. It is a junction of fun activities and events celebrating your love for cars and driving.

Participate in all the organized events and activities throughout the tour to make your road trip more fun. It is a perfect place and opportunity to connect with other participants and fanatics and even make buddies for life.

– Stay Updated

The tour schedule and dates are subject to change. So, there is always a possibility that there can be some unforeseen updates. To ensure you get to the tour, check the official website and social media channels of the Hot Rod Power Tour announcement.

So far, as per the 2024 Hot Rod power tour announcement, the tour is scheduled to happen from June 10 to June 14.

All Your Questions Answered About Hot Rod Power Tour 2024 Dates

Will there be a 2024 Hot Rod Power Tour?

YES. There has been an official announcement for the Hot Rod Power Tour 2024. And the official Hot Rod Power Tour 2024 schedule dates are finally here.

The Hot Rod tour will begin on June 10 starting from Beech Bend Raceway Park, Bowling Green, Kentucky. It will end on June 14 at Lucas Oil Indianapolis Raceway Park, Indianapolis, Indiana.

The second day, on June 11, will be at Nashville Superspeedway, Lebanon, Tennessee. The third day, on June 12, will be at L&N Federal Credit Union Stadium, Louisville, Kentucky. And the fourth day, on June 13, will be at National Trail Raceway, Hebron, Ohio.

When is the Hot Rod Power Tour 2024?

This annual fest of car fanatics of America for the year 2024 will be held in the month of JUNE, kicking off on June 10 and ending on June 14.

So, if you are a car fanatic who can afford to miss the 30th Hot Rod Power Tour in 2024, it is time you mark your calendars and free up your schedule from June 10 to June 14.

When can I buy the 2024 Hot Rod Power Tour announcement tickets?

All the people who want to participate in the Hot Rod Power Tour in June 2024 will have to buy official tickets for the race.

The tickets are available via the official website only. As the HOT ROD has finally released the complete details about the upcoming tour, the tickets are finally available to buy on the website, along with all the details regarding the schedule and dates.

Buying a ticket can cost you from $100 to $1000.

Can anyone do the hot rod power tour?

YES. Usually, there are no strict rules for people to participate in the Motor Trend’s Hot Rod Trip.

However, you should review the guidelines to ensure you do not violate any code of conduct and get kicked out of the road trip.

Other than this, any car or truck owner is welcome to join this tour owning any vehicle of any make, model, and year.

How do I prepare for the 2024 Hot Rod Power Tour?

If you want to enjoy your seven-days-long power tour with the best of the American car world people, you need to be well prepared.

Apart from your vehicle, you also need to be with your best game. Below, we have a step-by-step guide on how to be the best driver on the power tour of hot rods.

  • Ensure your vehicle is in the proper condition and ready for the trip.
  • Try the autocross or drag racing. Encash this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
  • Bring comfortable clothes with you. Have at least three to four pairs of each clothing item and the shoes.
  • Do not hesitate to look around at the cars that catch your attention and their owners. Some people may even let you drive their ride for a few miles.
  • Save money on food by booking hotels where they serve complimentary breakfast. Also, bringing a cooler for drinks and food will be wiser. You will save plenty on the route by getting your drinks & water.
  • Book your resting places in advance. Determine whether you wish to stay in a hotel in every city, carry a tent, or go for Airbnb. We suggest you go for the mixture of all to experience everything and save a great deal of money.


The 2024 Hot Rod Power Tour announcement is here, with all the crucial details related to the tour, like schedule, location, road map, dates, and ticket details, finally released.

The wait is finally over. Hot Rod is thrilled to announce and host their 30th Hot Rod Power Tour beginning on June 10 in Kentucky and ending on June 14 in Indiana.

To know more keep a close eye on the Hot Rod Power Tour schedule for June 2024 through Hot Rod’s official website and social media handling.

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