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7 Best Winch For Jeep Wrangler (Review & Buyers Guide) In 2023

Best winch for jeep wrangler

Whenever you take your Jeep for off-road activities like mud crawling or rock crawling, we should have the best Jeep Wrangler winch for the perfect job. The winch can also be used to pull the jeep out of a ditch or quagmire or to pull another stuck vehicle out.

Even for the most skilled and experienced Jeep drivers, getting stuck is virtually inevitable at some point. A jeep winch allows the driver to be released safely without having to rely on the help of another vehicle or resort to questionable or unsafe methods.

Winches can also be used to remove obstacles such as fallen trees or rocks from a path. With so many options on the market, choosing the best Jeep Wrangler winches can seem overwhelming.

When making a decision, factors such as traction, plastic rope winch vs. steel rope, and load capacity must be taken into account.

To meet different requirements, we’ve looked at different winches across the price spectrum. From premium Warn Jeep winches to more affordable Smittybilt winch alternatives.

Here Are The Top Choices For The Best Jeep Wrangler Winch Kit

If you own or plan to own a Jeep this year, you’ll probably want a good winch to go with it. Winches are a very popular product for Jeep owners and the choice is vast. With so many different options, many customers can become confused and overwhelmed.

To save you time and headaches, we stock the highest quality Jeep Winches, ensuring a safe and smooth ride. Let’s check out and find the perfect winch for your jeep to make off-roading unstoppable!

Best winch for jeep wrangler
WARN 26502 M8000 Series 4 Ton Capacity Winch
  • Pattern Name: Winch
  • Size: M8000
  • Power: 8000 LB
  • Motor: 4.8 hp series 
  • Gearing: 3-stage planetary
Best winch for jeep wrangler
ZESUPER 12V 13000-lb Electric Truck Winch Kit
  • Pattern Name: Winch
  • Power: 13000 Ibs
  • Motor: 6.4HP series electric motor
  • Gear: 3-Stage Planetary Gear
Jeep wrangler winch kit
3Our Pick
Smittybilt X2O 10000-lb Waterproof Wireless Winch
  • Waterproof: IP68 Rating
  • Power: 10000 Ibs
  • Motor: 6.6hp Series Wound
  • Gear: 3-Stage Planetary Gear
  • Brake: Automatic Out-Of-Drum

Top 7 Best Winch For Jeep Wrangler – Review of High-Quality Winch In 2023

The best thing about owning a Jeep is the off-road adventures it was designed for. There’s nothing like the thrill of playing in the mud, even as an adult.

Whether you’re stuck in a muddy swamp or need to pull your friend’s vehicle out of a ditch, a reliable winch is an essential piece of equipment.

So let’s dig into our recommendations and find the perfect winch for your Jeep needs and budget. We will discuss its features, pros and cons and ultimately choose the best jeep gladiator winch based on quality.

1. WARN 26502 M8000 Series 4 Ton Capacity Winch

Best winch for jeep wrangler

Key Details

  • Pattern Name: Winch
  • Size: M8000
  • Power: 8000 LB
  • Motor: 4.8 hp series 
  • Gearing: 3-stage planetary
  • Gear Ratio: 216
  • Max Amp Draw: 435 
  • Brake: Automatic direct drive cone
  • Low-profile design
  • Electrical control box 
  • Hand-held remote

The WARN brand offers a wide range of winches, all known for their robust construction and reliable performance. The WARN 26502 M8000 series is probably the best and most versatile of the series.

With a maximum pull of 8,000 pounds, this winch is perfect for Jeeps, light trucks, and 2-door SUVs. This winch is perfect for anyone who needs a reliable self-recovery winch that can handle the toughest terrain.

With a robust IP68 waterproof rating, the M8000 can withstand immersion in water up to 1 meter deep for 30 minutes. The M8000 also features a 12V DC input, making it compatible with most vehicles.

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It comes with a remote control that can be used wired or wireless. This winch is not cheap and if your budget is tight you may want to consider one of the other winches on the list.

For added versatility, the remote can also be used with the 12-foot cord or wirelessly for remote operations. Finally, you can choose between the synthetic wire or the stainless steel option depending on your preferences.


  • Great compact lightweight winch
  • Constructed with higher quality materials 
  • Waterproof and weather-resistant
  • Made in the US
  • Durable and easy-to-control remote access


  • Instructions are not well-written

2. Superwinch 1510200 LP10000 Winch

Jeep wrangler winch kit

Key Details

  • Pattern Name: Winch
  • Size: LP10000
  • Power: 10,000-LB
  • Motor: 5.1 horsepower
  • 85 feet of steel wire rope
  • Weather resistant solenoid
  • 4-way roller fairlead
  • 12′ rubber handheld remote
  • Weather-sealed solenoid
  • Mechanical load-holding braking

The Superwinch LP10000 winch is a high-quality, heavy-duty winch made for industrial and off-highway use. It has a 10,000-pound capacity, so it can handle even the toughest salvage situations. 

One of the outstanding features of this winch is its durable construction. It is made from a high-quality steel cable and features a 4-way pulley guide to prevent cable twisting. To tow a vehicle with ease, equip a steel cable with a locking hook.

We appreciate the sealed solenoids and circuit breakers as they reduce the risk of electrocution and overheating. In addition, both parts are weatherproof, so you can use them at any time of the year without having to deal with rain, wind, and snow problems.

With its durable construction and user-friendly design, the Superwinch 1510200 LP10000 winch is the best winch for every job.

Overall, this Superwinch winch is a reliable and robust option for those who need a powerful winch. It’s well-built, easy to use, and handles even the toughest recovery situations.


  • Well-built and durable construction
  • Perfectly made for jeeps
  • Great winch for the money
  • Easily controllable by using a handheld remote
  • Relatively easy to install


  • No synthetic rope option

3. X-Bull 13000 LB Load Capacity Synthetic Rope Winch

Warn winch for jeep wrangler

Key Details

  • Pattern Name: Winch
  • Power: 13000 lbs
  • Motor: 6.4 HP Series Woundnd
  • Gear: 3-Stage Planetary Gear
  • Waterproof and sandproof
  • Metal texture clutch lever
  • Easy maintenance
  • Good off-road helper
  • Complete accessories included
  • One-year limited warranty

The X-BULL Winch 13000lbs winch is a powerful and durable option for those who require a heavy-duty winch. This Dyneema rope has a breaking strength of 13,000 pounds.

Not only is it 10 times stronger than steel wire, but it’s also extremely lightweight, reducing winch weight by up to 20 pounds. The rope floats on the water and works perfectly even at minus 20 degrees Celsius.

With over 80 feet of line and a three-speed gear system, it’s fast and strong. To further enhance weather resistance, protective sleeves are included in the package to cover the wiring and motor housing.

Additionally, the control box is well-sealed to protect against the elements and prevent short circuits. Overall, the winch has a waterproof rating of IP67, making it perfect for any weather.

It also features a three-stage planetary gearbox that ensures smooth and efficient operation. It is also highly rated by users and has enough power to easily handle even the most severe restores.


  • Very lightweight & flexible to handle any weather situation
  • Offers smooth and efficient operation
  • The highly efficient motor used
  • Corrosion resistance & weatherproof
  • Automatic load-holding brake for full safety


  • Installation instructions are tough to read

4. ZEAK 12000 lb Waterproof Off-Road Synthetic Rope

What size winch for jeep wrangler

Key Details

  • Pattern Name: Winch
  • Power: 12000 Ibs
  • Motor: 12-volt DC motor
  • Gear: 3-Stage Planetary Gear
  • Waterproof and sandproof
  • High-quality construction
  • Complete winches accessories
  • Provide full control
  • 73.2 inches battery leads
  • Offers ultimate strength and a stronghold

The ZEAK 12000lb electric truck winch with DC synthetic rope is a powerful and reliable winch solution for heavy-duty applications. With an impressive towing capacity of 12,000 pounds, it is capable of demanding recovery and towing tasks.

The tool is extremely durable and features a deeper, closed, heavy-duty contract. With the dynamic braking system and a motor, you can be sure that the product has enough power to get your Jeep back on track.

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However, you should know that the gear ratio reduces your speed somewhat. The winch has a speed of 5 feet per minute. Trolling speed at full load, which we think is disappointing.

Nevertheless, the 3-stage planetary gear ensures a powerful drive in all weather conditions. Particularly noteworthy is the extremely responsive radio remote control.

It initiates the recovery process smoothly and helps you to control the process precisely. Even small objects or bad weather cannot limit the functionality.


  • Installation is straightforward
  • Good for towing tasks
  • Durable all-metal construction
  • Highly responsive wireless remote control
  • Resist rust and corrosion


  • Circuit breaker prematurely overheating after some uses

5. ZESUPER 12V 13000-lb Electric Truck Winch Kit

Best winch for jeep wrangler

Key Details

  • Pattern Name: Winch
  • Power: 13000 Ibs
  • Motor: 6.4HP series electric motor
  • Gear: 3-Stage Planetary Gear
  • Multi-function Remote Control
  • Dyneema synthetic winch rope
  • Workable below -20°C
  • Improved Clutch Lever
  • Waterproof IP67
  • Ideal for all kinds of environment

If you are looking for a powerful and versatile winch that can handle a large amount of weight, the ZESUPER 13000lb Electric Truck Winch Kit is worth considering. It is a powerful and durable electric winch that is now available for purchase.

It has a recessed and closed contractor and offers high efficiency. The individual parts consist of the winding motor, the steel cable, and three planetary devices. Thanks to the detailed operating instructions, installing the winch is a breeze.

The package comes with all the tools you need, so you can be up and running in minutes. You can choose the orange or black version to add style to your Jeep. In addition, the smooth surface easily adapts to different weather conditions.

Users also found the updated wireless remote to be very convenient and responsive. You can smoothly pull the rope in and out from up to 65 feet away.

Before purchasing this item, please make sure that the accessory is ideal for your box. The features of this machine make it waterproof and have perfect performance.


  • Easily resist water and sand
  • Offer expert guidance for use
  • Pure copper-made motor works efficiently
  • All required accessories come within the package
  • Ideal for heavy-duty uses


  • Some buyers reported wireless remote failed to work

6. Smittybilt X2O 10000-lb Waterproof Wireless Winch

Jeep wrangler winch kit

Key Details

  • Waterproof: IP68 Rating
  • Power: 10000 Ibs
  • Motor: 6.6hp Series Wound
  • Gear: 3-Stage Planetary Gear
  • Brake: Automatic Out-Of-Drum
  • Finish: Textured Black
  • Completely Waterproof
  • Operated remotely or manually
  • Dynamic Braking System
  • 2 Solenoid Mounting Options

The Smittybilt X2O Comp Winch is the ultimate off-road winch. Thanks to the IP68 waterproof rating, this winch is up to any challenge in the field.

With the help of a 6.6 hp motor, the Smittybilt X2O manages around 10,000 puffs in no time at all. With wireless remote control, the X2O is easy to use and gives you the peace of mind that you or your vehicle can get out of any situation.

These winches are fully waterproof, giving you peace of mind when diving and racing through large puddles and ditches in a vehicle. Thanks to the waterproof design, you can use it in any weather without any problems!

We like that the winch has a towing block with a winch shackle. However, you need to buy them additionally. Finally, this product is perfect for people looking for a reliable and affordable winch to complement their vehicle.


  • Strong and well-made
  • Great winch for the price
  • Built tough and looks amazing
  • Tremendous load-hauling capacity
  • Pretty simple to use and control


  • Mounting hardware is not durable

7. WARN 92815 Zeon 10-S Platinum Winch

Warn winch for jeep wrangler

Key Details

  • Size: 10K-S
  • Power: 10000 Ibs
  • Motor: 12V DC Series Wound
  • Gear: 3-Stage Planetary Gear
  • Wireless Remote Control
  • IP68 waterproof rating
  • Advanced remote manual clutch
  • 100ft of Spydura Synthetic Rope
  • Robust aluminum housing

The Zeon 10-S Platinum Winch was specifically designed by Warn to handle just about anything when it comes to overland adventures. Plus, you’ll find a handheld remote with a 12-foot extension cord.

Spydura synthetic rope is stronger and lighter than traditional steel cables, making it easier to handle and less prone to twisting or breaking. Additionally, the winch’s wireless remote control allows for easy operation from up to 15 meters away.

To simplify the pulling process, this particular winch features 100 feet of synthetic rope capable of pulling between 10,000 and 12,000 pounds.

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However, you can get an 80-foot wire rope by purchasing a wire rope, which offers almost the same features, except the rope is 20 feet long. The waterproof design allows you to winch in muddy terrain, rain, snow, and other harsh conditions.

The product has a quality design that offers additional performance and durability. When it comes to a low-profile installation, this item has a control pack that can be moved around.


  • Comes with advanced wireless remote control
  • Equipped with a powerful new motor
  • Strong and long-lasting rope
  • Feature waterproof design


  •  The controller battery is weaker

Buyers Guide For Warn Winch For Jeep Wrangler

If after reading all these reviews you are confused, don’t worry. This is our buying guide to help you choose the right winch for your Jeep. Read on for the crucial factors that can lead you to the right all-rounder boyfriend.

– Capacity

This is without a doubt the most important factor to consider before purchasing a Jeep winch. Of course, the winch you want to buy needs to be able to pull a lot of weight.

Otherwise, you won’t get the maximum benefit. If you have owned a huge Jeep then the heavy-duty winch is highly recommended for you.

– Size & Type

You should also consider the size of your vehicle and the type of terrain you will be using it on. A small winch may not be enough for heavier loads or rough terrain like rocks, while a large winch may be too big for your Jeep if you only use it on smooth surfaces.

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– Gear Train

A winch’s gearbox is an important part as it is responsible for providing the torque needed to pull heavy loads. A 3-stage planetary gearbox is a common design that ensures smooth, efficient operation with maximum torque. This means the gear train can pull more weight in less time.

– Motor

You definitely can’t tow a bulky Jeep without the support of a powerful engine. Usually, a winch motor drives the winch to get the job done perfectly. Therefore, it is impossible to get the maximum result if you own a winch with a weaker motor.

– Waterproof and Durability

When driving off-road you are often exposed to water, mud, and other difficult conditions. Choose a waterproof winch, or at least waterproof, to ensure reliable operation in wet environments.

Look for winches with sealed or waterproof components, including the motor, solenoid, and control box. Also, consider the winch’s overall build quality and its reputation for durability.

– Synthetic or Steel Rope

Plastic recovering ropes are more durable and have a higher breaking strength than steel ropes. They’re also more flexible, making them less prone to kinking or fraying. Steel ropes, on the other hand, are stronger and more durable than plastic ropes.

Top FAQs About What Size Winch For Jeep Wrangler

How many pounds of winch do I need for a Jeep Wrangler?

To make sure you buy the right winch for your Jeep, you must first know the curb weight of the vehicle. For example, a 2022 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon with a 2.0L engine and automatic transmission has a curb weight of approximately 4,500 pounds.

To find out which winch is the most suitable, a good rule of thumb is to multiply the empty weight by 1.5. In this case, it would be 6,750 Ibs. That means you would need a winch of at least that number.

How much can a Jeep winch pull?

Most Jeep winches have a cable pull capacity of 9,000 to 12,000 pounds. Note that the cable pull capacity of a winch decreases with a shorter cable length. Opting for a higher-capacity winch can be a good decision.

You should also check the supports and the structure that the winch will fit into. That’s because there are some designs that may not go well with your vehicle.

Why do people put winches on jeeps?

A winch is a useful device that can be used to get you out of any situation without the need for another truck or jeep. When venturing into remote areas or off-road routes, help may not always be immediately available.

Installing a winch on a Jeep increases safety and preparedness. In emergencies or unforeseen circumstances, a winch can be a way of self-rescuing or helping others in need.

Is synthetic rope better than steel rope on a winch?

Both have their pros and cons. Wire rope tends to be less expensive and requires less maintenance, but is more difficult to attach later and a little more difficult to manage.

Synthetic cables, on the other hand, are more expensive and require maintenance for cleaning and UV protection. But it’s much easier to handle when needed and easier to fix if it breaks in a sticky situation.

What is the benefit of the wireless controller for the winch?

A wireless remote control can make a world of difference in certain circumstances. It gives you the option to get a level of easiness and flexibility as compared to wired controllers.

With a wireless remote control, you can safely operate the winch from a distance and are not in danger in the event of a fall. Additionally, certain radio remotes also provide you with important information such as battery voltage level, engine load, and much more.

Is it better to have a winch in the front or rear?

The front winches serve to propel you forward, while the rear winches serve to get you out of that crap you’ve just thrown yourself into.

If you are recovering another vehicle, using a rear winch is more appropriate than a front winch. Rear tow hitches are preferable to front tow hooks when towing a stalled vehicle.

Final Thought

A winch is essential if you drive your Jeep mostly alone. If you need more torque or more, a winch is a real bargain. Most people who own a Jeep love to get off the beaten path for fun.

This is possible because these types of vehicles are designed to be used almost anywhere. However, offroad driving is very risky as there is a high risk of getting stuck.

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