Top 7 Older Trucks With Good Gas Mileage For 2023 – Best Fuel Economy

When purchasing older trucks with good gas mileage, there are many factors to consider. Firstly, what purpose will the truck serve? Will it be used for commuting or for transporting bulky items? These questions play a crucial role in determining the right fit.

Nowadays, a significant number of individuals opt for trucks. Trucks possess exceptional versatility as vehicles. They can assist in moving belongings for friends, serve daily transportation needs, and even offer a sporty appeal.

Nevertheless, fuel efficiency tends to be a common concern across trucks of various sizes and powertrains. This issue becomes more pronounced with older trucks, as car companies seem to have placed less emphasis on making them fuel-efficient.

Fortunately, this trend is gradually changing. Fuel economy and cost-conscious consumers, however, continue to face bleak prospects. Consequently, we’re here for the rescue and conducted research on older trucks with good gas mileage.

While some trucks on this list may be relatively recent, all of them present options to avoid excessive spending at the fuel pump.

1. 2021 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 ( Est. Price: $25,000 )

Older small trucks with good gas mileage

Key Features

  • Gas Mileage (MPG): 23 City/33 Hwy
  • Engine: 3.0-Liter V6
  • Drivetrain: Front Wheel Drive
  • Passenger Doors: 4
  • Seating Capacity: 5


  • It can comfortably accommodate loads of up to three tons.
  • The vehicle drives smoothly with no noticeable drivability issues.
  • The hybrid batteries come with a warranty of eight years or 100,000 miles.
  • The option to upgrade to a hybrid vehicle is available at a reasonable price.


  • The starting price for the vehicle is set at $39,000.
  • The presence of the battery pack limits storage space in the second row.

The 2021 Silverado is a full-size truck with various trim levels and combinations. It offers three cab types, three-bed lengths, and five engine options with different transmissions. The Silverado provides numerous options to choose from.

It has a considerable towing capacity and is capable of off-road with FWD. As compared to rivals, the Silverado’s interior and ride are less impressive. However, the Ram 1500 offers a smoother ride and a more appealing interior with higher-quality materials.

The Ford F-150 offers a more luxurious experience, featuring a controlled ride and higher towing capacities. However, the Silverado strikes as one of the best older trucks with good gas mileage.

2. 2013 GMC Sierra 1500 ( Est. Price: $19,000 )

Trucks good gas mileage

Key Features

  • Gas Mileage (MPG): 16 City/21 Hwy
  • Engine: 4.3-Liter V6
  • Drivetrain: 2-Wheel Drive/4-Wheel Drive
  • Passenger Doors: 2
  • Seating Capacity: 2


  • The interior offers ample space for occupants.
  • The engines offer exceptional power and performance.
  • The cabin provides a cozy and rustic atmosphere, akin to being in the woods.


  • The standard safety features are limited in comparison.
  • The use of small touchscreens for displaying information.

The GMC Sierra 1500 is a capable full-size vehicle known for its comfortable front seats and stylish cabin. It boasts strong towing capacities and the ability to carry a large payload. However, it falls short in terms of riding quality compared to its competitors.

The GMC Sierra 1500 offers seating for five people and provides six different trim options for buyers to choose from. AT4 Crew Cab Short Bed 4WD, which starts at $56,395 and is equipped with a 5.3L V8 engine, is one of the most popular models.

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This particular Sierra 1500 model is expected to achieve approximately 16 miles per gallon in the city and 21 miles per gallon on the highway. This is what makes it relatively one of the best older 4×4 trucks with good gas mileage for its class.

3. 2013 Toyota Tacoma ( Est. Price: $23,900 )

Most fuel efficient trucks ever

Key Features

  • Gas Mileage (MPG): 20 City/29 Hwy
  • Engine: 2.7-Liter Inline4
  • Drivetrain: Four-Wheel Drive
  • Passenger Doors: 2
  • Seating Capacity: 4


  • The Tacoma Double Cab features spacious rear seats.
  • The gas mileage of this vehicle is impressive for its class.
  • It offers superior cabin quality compared to its competitors.


  • The brake pedal has a sticky feel, which can be inconvenient.

The 2013 Toyota Tacoma equipped with a 2.7-liter inline-four engine achieves a fuel efficiency of 25 mpg. It holds a blue book value of approximately $14,000 and offers good mileage making it one of the most fuel-efficient trucks ever.

The Tacoma is a reliable truck for basic transportation and general work despite its towing capacity of 3,500 pounds and 160 horsepower. As one of the older 4×4 trucks, the 2013 Toyota Tacoma stands out for its good gas mileage.

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Even when fully loaded with a truck bed and a trailer carrying bikes, the Tacoma effortlessly reaches highway speeds. However, it’s important to note that engaging in various activities will inevitably result in decreased mileage.

4. 2015 Dodge Ram 1500 Ecodiesel (Est. Price: $20,900 )

Older 4x4 trucks with good gas mileage

Key Features

  • Gas Mileage (MPG):22 City/30 Hwy
  • Engine: Ecodiesel 3.0L
  • Drivetrain: Four-Wheel Drive/Rear-Wheel Drive
  • Seating Capacity: 2 – 6
  • Passenger Doors: 4


  • The cabin offers an expansive view.
  • It delivers a highly comfortable ride.
  • The V6 and V8 engines provide ample power.


  • The presence of only a few safety features.
  • When compared to its competitors, it has a lower towing capacity.

The RAM division of Dodge had high expectations for this truck, promoting it as an economical workhorse that achieves 30 MPG. However, with a 240-horsepower 3.0-liter diesel engine that only offers slightly better mileage than its predecessor.

It’s challenging to understand why one would opt for this truck. To make a decision, it’s advisable to test drive both and determine personal preferences. As the engines are different, it is possible that the 3.0-liter engine will perform better and run smoother.

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Ultimately, the choice comes down to individual preference. Nevertheless, like other reliable older small trucks with good gas mileage (MPG), this truck remains a worthwhile option.

5. 2015 Ford F-150 ( Est. Price: $26,030 )

Older diesel trucks with good gas mileage

Key Features

  • Gas Mileage (MPG): 18 City/25 Hwy
  • Engine: Regular Unleaded V-6, 3.5 L
  • Drivetrain: Rear-Wheel Drive
  • Passenger Capacity: 3
  • Passenger Doors: 2


  • The ride quality has significantly improved.
  • The 2.7-liter V-6 EcoBoost engine is excellent.
  • It strikes the right balance between performance and efficiency.
  • The pickup bed offers a range of useful features and capabilities.


  • There are limited physical indications of its robust body.
  • The use of aluminum could lead to higher repair costs.

If you’re looking for an F-150 to qualify for this list, it’s best not to go too far back in time. However, it is possible with the 2015 model, featuring a smaller Ecoboost engine. This truck still delivers over 300 hp while maintaining good gas mileage.

For some customers, the decision to choose an F-150 has already been made for them. The reputation of F-150s as the top pickups in the market precedes them. They are widely recognized for their exceptional quality and performance.

The 2015 F-150 with the smaller Ecoboost engine stands out for its combination of power, affordability, and fuel economy. It proves that even in a competitive market, the F-150 continues to meet and exceed expectations.

6. 2017 Honda Ridgeline ( Est. Price: $31,000 )

Older trucks with good gas mileage

Key Features

  • Gas Mileage (MPG): 18 City/25 Hwy
  • Engine: Regular Unleaded V-6, 3.5 L
  • Drive train: All Wheel Drive
  • Passenger Capacity: 5
  • Passenger Doors: 4


  • It offers excellent driving capabilities.
  • The fuel economy has seen noticeable improvements.
  • The truck bed stands out as the most innovative and practical.
  • Finally, it combines a high-quality interior with a traditional truck appearance.


  • The ground clearance may limit its off-road utility.
  • Compared to its competitors, it tends to be on the pricier side.

When considering inflation, it becomes evident that the Honda Ridgeline is a comparatively newer truck than other older trucks with good gas mileage. The Ridgeline offers a 3.5-liter V6 engine, delivering approximately 280 hp and achieving 26 mpg.

With a towing capacity of up to 5,000 pounds, it proves to be a capable vehicle for both everyday use and transporting boats or trailers to mountainous regions. Despite its many desirable features, the Ridgeline comes with an MSRP of around $29,500.

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However, it’s worth keeping an eye out for as an affordable option. The Honda Ridgeline stands out as one of the most fuel-efficient trucks ever. Its combination of power, fuel efficiency, and towing capacity makes it suitable for various purposes.

7. 2016 GMC Canyon ( Est. Price: $29,000 )

Older small trucks with good gas mileage

Key Features

  • Gas Mileage (MPG): 17 City/24 Hwy
  • Engine: 2.5-Liter Inline4
  • Drive train: Four-Wheel Drive
  • Passenger Capacity: 5
  • Passenger Doors: 4


  • The interior materials are of superior quality.
  • The vehicle is equipped with user-friendly features.
  • The power and acceleration of the vehicle are exceptional.


  • The front-seat support is inadequate.
  • The rear seats in the Extended Cab are cramped.

The 2016 GMC Canyon holds its place among the older small trucks with good gas mileage. It offers two engines, and if fuel efficiency is your priority, the 2.5-liter I4 is the way to go. In spite of its modest horsepower, it offers better gas mileage than newer Hondas.

The 2016 GMC Canyon proves that age doesn’t diminish its value. Despite being an older model, it remains a dependable and fuel-efficient truck. For those seeking economical transportation, its focus on efficiency makes it a good choice.

2016 GMC Canyon may not break any speed records, but its ability to deliver better gas mileage than newer counterparts is noteworthy. For individuals prioritizing reliability and trucks with good gas mileage, the 2016 GMC Canyon presents itself as a reliable option.

Top FAQs About Older Small Trucks With Good Gas Mileage

Is It Difficult To Find Older Trucks With Good Gas Mileage?

Finding a specific type of older truck on the used market can pose a challenge. However, searching for one that is fuel-efficient can be even more difficult. When looking for an older truck with good fuel efficiency, it’s important to manage expectations.

Thankfully, there are alternatives available. All the possible alternatives are mentioned in the above list. Checkout these best older trucks with good gas mileage and get one home today as per your needs and preferences.

Do Pickup Truck Bed Covers Improve Gas Mileage?

According to numerous experts, one of the best ways to improve a truck’s fuel economy is by adding a high-quality cover. This cover serves to reduce aerodynamic drag, resulting in improved gas mileage.

In fact, it has been suggested that adding a cover can enhance fuel efficiency by up to 10%. Consider investing in a reliable truck cover to maximize your vehicle’s fuel economy and save on gas expenses in the long run.

What Are Some Of The Older Small Trucks With Good Gas Mileage?

Some examples of older small trucks with good gas mileage include:

  • Toyota Tacoma: Known for its reliability and fuel efficiency.
  • Ford Ranger: Offers decent gas mileage and versatility.
  • Chevrolet Colorado: Provides a balance between fuel efficiency and hauling capability.
  • GMC Canyon: Similar to the Chevrolet Colorado in terms of fuel economy.
  • Nissan Frontier: Offers competitive gas mileage for a compact truck.
Which Older 4×4 Trucks With Good Gas Mileage Are Popular?

Several older 4×4 trucks are popular for their good gas mileage. Here are some examples:

  • Toyota Tacoma: Known for its reliability and fuel efficiency in the midsize truck segment.
  • Ford Ranger: Offers a balance of fuel efficiency and off-road capability.
  • Chevrolet Silverado 1500: Provides a combination of power, towing capacity, and respectable gas mileage in its class.
What Are Some Of The Best Older Diesel Trucks With Good Gas Mileage?

Several older diesel trucks are renowned for their good gas mileage. Here are some of the best options:

  • Dodge Ram 1500 EcoDiesel: Known for its impressive fuel efficiency and powerful performance.
  • Ford F-250 Super Duty: Offers a combination of towing capacity, durability, and decent gas mileage for a heavy-duty diesel truck.
  • Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD: Provides a balance between fuel efficiency and robust towing capabilities.

These trucks have earned a reputation for their good gas mileage among top older diesel trucks with good gas mileage

What Are Some Of The Most Fuel Efficient Trucks Ever Produced?

A number of trucks have made significant improvements in terms of fuel efficiency. Here are some examples of the most fuel-efficient trucks ever produced:

  • Ford F-150 Hybrid: Offers impressive fuel efficiency with its hybrid powertrain technology.
  • Chevrolet Colorado Diesel: Known for its efficient diesel engine option, providing excellent fuel economy.
  • Toyota Tacoma Diesel: Introduced a diesel variant with improved fuel efficiency, making it one of the most efficient trucks in its class.
How Much Mileage Should A Used Pickup Truck Get?

When searching for a truck, it’s advisable to consider lower mileage. For gas engines, aim for trucks with fewer than 100,000 miles. In the case of diesel engines, a mileage below 200,000 gallons is acceptable.

While higher mileage options are available, it becomes crucial to carefully assess the overall condition of the truck. Higher mileage trucks may require additional maintenance, which may incur additional costs.

How Can You Get 30 MPG On A Duramax?

Here are some tips to improve your truck’s fuel efficiency and get more MPG:

  • Avoid prolonged idling as it consumes fuel and lowers gas mileage.
  • Practice smooth braking instead of slamming on the brakes, which can waste energy.
  • Monitor and maintain proper tire pressure, as underinflated tires can decrease fuel efficiency.
  • Regularly service and maintain your Duramax truck to ensure optimal performance and efficiency.

Final Thoughts

When selecting the best older trucks with good gas mileage, it’s crucial to consider its suitability. If you plan on towing heavy loads like horses, other trucks, or even houses, it’s important to recognize that achieving 20 miles per gallon may be challenging.

Being realistic about your fuel efficiency expectations can help you make a more informed decision. On the other hand, for regular daily commuting and navigating various job sites, you have a wider range of options available to meet your needs.

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