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Best Window Cleaner For Cars Review & Expert Guide In 2023

best window cleaner for cars

Are you looking for the best window cleaner for cars? If so, you have come to the right place. This article will look at the best window cleaners for cars in 2023. We will be looking at various brands so that you can find the best one.

Cars have come a long way in recent years. With all the new features and tech, they’re more like mobile homes. And just like your home, your car needs to be kept inside and out. That means regularly cleaning your windows.

Driving with a streaky, hazy windshield can be frustrating. It’s risky in addition to being obnoxious. A clear view of the road is essential regardless of the weather, whether it is a sunny day, rain, snow, fog, or night.

Window cleaners are widely available, so it can be challenging to find the right one. So we have put together a buyer’s guide to help you choose the right product. So, if you are in the market for a new car interior window cleaner, read on!

Quick Look At Our Best Car Window Cleaner In 2023

You should have a clean windshield. A car wash may leave the exterior of your car clean, but the best non-streaking car window cleaner would leave the windows streak-free. In addition, the best glass cleaners ensure optimal road visibility.

This review will highlight the top auto glass cleaners for cleaning windows. We will discuss which products will leave your car’s glass sparkling and what pros each has.

best car window cleaner
Invisible Glass Window Spray Cleaner
  • Brand: Invisible Glass
  • Volume: 32 Oz/Bottle
  • Specific Use: Windows/Glass/Windshield/Boat
  • Unit Count: 4 Units (32 Oz Each)
best non-streaking car window cleaner
Rain-X Glass Cleaner and Rain Repellent
  • Brand: Rain-X
  • Volume: 23 Oz
  • Specific Use: Glass/Windows
  • Unit Count: 2 Units (23 Oz)
glass cleaner for tinted windows
3Our Pick
Windex Glass and Window Cleaner
  • Brand: Windex
  • Volume: 23 Oz
  • Specific Use: Glass/Windows/Mirror
  • Unit Count: 1 Unit (23 Oz)

7 Best Window Cleaner For Cars You Can Buy In 2023

Keeping your car windows clean is important for several reasons. Not only does it make your car look better, but it also helps to reduce the amount of glare coming in and out of the car.

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Many people are looking for the best car windshield cleaning tool. There are so many products on the market it is hard to know which one to buy. We have researched and tested to find the top 7 window cleaners for cars in 2023.

1. Invisible Glass Window Spray Cleaner

best car window cleaner
  • Brand: Invisible Glass
  • Volume: 32 Oz/Bottle
  • Specific Use: Windows/Glass/Windshield/Boat
  • Unit Count: 4 Units (32 Oz Each)
  • Clear Dry Formula
  • Convenient Spray Bottle
  • Ammonia-Free
  • Streak-Free

Our choice for the best automotive glass cleaner overall is Invisible Glass. Because it offers the most value for the money, removes the most impurities, and does so without leaving any streaks. This car window cleaner comes in a spray bottle that holds 32 ounces.

Its “mirror-like sheen” moniker is not an idle one. We chose Invisible Glass because when you clean a mirror, you want to see an extremely clear image. There won’t be any hazing, streaking, or residue to be concerned about.

Invisible Glass even works on chrome surfaces to make your window sparkle. You can clean tinted windows since the solution doesn’t contain ammonia. You don’t need to worry about the compressed air inside the spray bottle, as with an aerosol can.

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However, the spray container holds more than 30 ounces of fluid and may become cumbersome. Unfortunately, you can’t change the spray pattern either. At the same time, Invisible Glass makes it simple for any motorist to clean their windows easily.


  • Long-lasting cleaning solution.
  • Tough on dirt and grime.
  • Doesn’t leave residue, streaks, or haze behind.
  • Safe for chrome and tinted windows.


  • Heavy bottle.
  • The spray pattern is non-adjustable.

2. Sprayway Glass/Windows Cleaner

best glass cleaner for cars
  • Brand: Sprayway
  • Volume: 19 Oz
  • Specific Use: Tiles/Windows/Glass
  • Unit Count: 1 Unit (19 Oz)
  • Ammonia-Free
  • Safe For Plastics
  • Streak-Free
  • Clean Fresh Scent

Sprayway’s Glass Cleaner is our value pick and also the second-best car window cleaner. Sprayway glass cleaners are recyclable cans consisting of recycled steel. It demonstrates that you can clean your windows while protecting the environment.

Sprayway offers a potent, drip-free composition. You don’t need to worry about harming your tinted windows because no ammonia or chemical depletes the ozone layer. Glass cleaner from Sprayway has hardly any fragrance.

Sprayway glass cleaner offers a compact but effective product with a replaceable cap and an ergonomic can. Losing the nozzle will render the can useless, much like any other aerosol can. And, you are left with no option except to discard the product.

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Aerosol glass cleaners can be cumbersome to stow behind a seat or in the trunk and must be stored upright, making them more difficult to store. Nevertheless, Sprayway is essentially a product that any driver can utilize.


  • Recycled steel container.
  • Ammonia-free.
  • Almost no perfume or fragrance.
  • Easy-to-Use.


  • You can’t use it without the nozzle.

3. Chemical Guys Signature Series Glass Cleaner

car interior window cleaner
  • Brand: Chemical Guys
  • Volume: 16 Oz
  • Specific Use: Windows/Glass
  • Unit Count: 1 Unit (16 Oz)
  • Non-Toxic
  • Fresh Scent
  • Unique Streak-Free Formula
  • Safe For Tinted Windows

The Chemical Guys Glass Cleaner is the top glass cleaner for tinted windows. It is a safe and effective way to keep your car’s windshield clean and clear. You can use this one of the best car windshield cleaning tools on any surface.

This product has a distinct formula that leaves no streaks, setting it apart from similar products. The formula is safe to use on various surfaces because it is non-toxic and ammonia-free. You can even use this cleaner on tinted windows.

This car window cleaner comes in a spray bottle with a large trigger for a better grasp. You can use this glass cleaner both indoors and outdoors. As a result, you can clean anything, including your RV and patio furniture.

However, there are a few considerations with this cleaner. First, if it is not carefully washed off, it may leave some streaks on the exterior. Second, several customers reported that the nozzle eventually started to loosen up.


  • Non-toxic, ammonia-free, and safe for surfaces.
  • Highly adaptable for electronics, windows, and even mirrors.
  • Degrades dirt, insects, and other detritus.
  • Fresh aroma.


  • If you don’t wipe it carefully, it may streak.
  • The nozzle may loosen with usage.

4. Armor All Auto Glass Cleaner

best windshield cleaner inside
  • Brand: Armor All
  • Volume: 22 Oz
  • Specific Use: Glass/Car
  • Unit Count: 6 Units (22 Oz Each)
  • Streak & Haze Free
  • Ammonia-Free
  • Specifically Formulated For Cars
  • Incredible Shine & Clarity

Armor All is a renowned and one of the best brands for car windshield cleaning tools. You can clean the exterior and interior glass with this durable and effective spray. This tool can remove some extremely caked-on filth, dust, and grime.

You can apply this glass cleaner to a variety of other surfaces. These surfaces include common materials, including vinyl flooring, tile, glass, marble, granite, and aluminum. Your boat and RV may both use it with excellent success.

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As a tip, try cleaning your glass with newspaper rather than paper towels. Additionally, the newspaper is a polishing agent, enhancing your clarity and gloss. Some buyers claim that the spray nozzle’s trigger could need some enlargement.

Armor All Glass Cleaner is a fast and easy way to clean car windows. The Armor All Auto Glass Cleaner also contains a UV protector that protects the surface against fading and cracking. Moreover, this and every ArmorAll product is made in the USA.


  • Bright, clear gloss.
  • The formula is devoid of ammonia.
  • Easy to use and streak-free.
  • It doesn’t harm any automobile surfaces.


  • The spray trigger is not very robust.

5. Rain-X Glass Cleaner and Rain Repellent

best non-streaking car window cleaner
  • Brand: Rain-X
  • Volume: 23 Oz
  • Specific Use: Glass/Windows
  • Unit Count: 2 Units (23 Oz)
  • Fast & Easy-to-Use
  • Streak-Free
  • Repels Rain
  • Remove Sleet, Bugs

Rain-X glass cleaner can be the best car window cleaner if you seek a versatile product for glass varieties. You can clean all types of cars and windows around the house with the Rain-X cleaner. You’ll be able to swiftly and easily clean glass surfaces.

The Rain-X cleaner is a powerful mixture that effectively removes debris like watermarks, snow, bugs, and grime. Additionally, it leaves behind a shield that deters rain. You only need to spray the liquid on the surface and wipe it to apply it.

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No more polishing is necessary. Additionally, the product leaves no residue, so you won’t see those pesky stains after you’re done cleaning. The potent recipe of this medicine is its primary flaw.

This glass cleaner can harm the tint on the interior glass of car doors. So be cautious about utilizing it with great caution. Additionally, some customers complained about receiving bottles that leaked during shipping.


  • No-residue solution.
  • Quick and requires little effort to clean.
  • No polishing is necessary.
  • Repels and protects from rain.


  • It could harm the interior tint.

6. Meguiar’s Concentrate Glass Cleaner

what's the best product to clean car windows
  • Brand: Meguiar’s
  • Volume: 128 Oz
  • Specific Use: Windows/Car
  • Unit Count: 1 Unit (128 Oz)
  • Concentrated Formula
  • Streak-Free Solution
  • Convenient To Use
  • Tinted Window Safe

Meguiar’s is one of the top manufacturers of automobile cleaning supplies. It offers consumers a variety of cleaners, polishers, and waxes to choose from. Meguiar’s glass cleaner concentrate effectively removes residue, bugs, and other impurities.

The concentrated mixture works wonders to clean the inside and outside car windows. You may have glass that is clear without much work. The cleaning procedure is as simple as the liquid washes off and sprays on so easily.

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Despite being quite effective, this glass cleaner for tinted windows is safe and won’t harm the window tints. The item comes in a 1-gallon bottle and is long-lasting. Just be aware that this product may need additional polishing for perfect results.

If not fully wiped, it often leaves some streaks. Additionally, many consumers complained about the product’s potent aroma, which might stay for a while. After cleanup, you might need to wait a while before driving your car.


  • It cleans the inside and outside of windows.
  • It works on debris, pests, and leftovers
  • Sprays and wipes effortlessly.


  • It does need further buffing to achieve a perfect polish.
  • Fragrantly potent.

7. Windex Glass and Window Cleaner

glass cleaner for tinted windows
  • Brand: Windex
  • Volume: 23 Oz
  • Specific Use: Glass/Windows/Mirror
  • Unit Count: 1 Unit (23 Oz)
  • Recycled Plastic Bottle
  • Streak-Free Finish
  • Removes Smudges & Fingerprints
  • Refreshing Scent

Windex Glass and Window Cleaner is a versatile product that you can use for many purposes. It can clean windows, mirrors, car windshields, glass tables, and more. The product has an original scent that leaves your house smelling fresh.

Windex is likely the biggest and most recognizable producer of the best window cleaner for cars. Furthermore, Windex Glass & Window Cleaner is ideal for use on car glass. It gets to work right away to provide excellent, streak-free cleaning.

With this glass cleaner, you can clean mirrors, sealed granite, UV-protected windows, glass stovetops, and other surfaces. It’s also a green choice when using a bottle made entirely of recycled ocean-bound plastic.

You can use a lint-free cloth or dry paper towel to get a streak-free finish. The residue left by other materials could be splotchy. The scents that are available include lemon fresh, lavender, and vanilla.


  • It works on household and automotive surfaces.
  • Reliable, dependable performance.
  • Simple to accomplish finish without streaks.
  • Cleaning requires a little effort.


  • Only Windex without ammonia is safe for tinting.
  • It can stain if a lint-free cloth isn’t used.

Explore The Different Types Of Best Glass Cleaner For Cars

A clean car is a sign of a good owner. One area that is often overlooked is the car windows. Many people think that any cleaner will do, but that is not the case. There are different types of car window cleaners, each with pros and cons.

In this section, we will take a look at the different types of car window cleaners. By the end, you will know which cleaner is best for your car windows.

A. Aerosol Spray Can

Nowadays, the best windshield cleaners inside spray cans are simple to apply. The glass cleaner can be kept and used later with the help of the removable cap. Aerosol glass cleaners generally foam up and must be shaken to prime.

As per our recommendation, you shouldn’t keep spray cans of glass cleaners upside down. Maintain them in a dry, cool area where they can stand upright.

B. Spray Bottle

Glass cleaner in standard spray bottles with squeeze triggers is another common packaging style. You should keep the bottle upright, ranging in size from 19 to 32 ounces. You might find that the squeeze trigger is easier to use than the spray nozzle.

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There is less risk of an explosion since the clean inside windshield tool in spray bottles is not squeezed. When not in use, store it somewhere cold and dry.

C. Wipes

You’ve probably seen glass cleaner wipes being used to clean eyeglasses. They are more expensive than spray cleaners, so we don’t advise using them on your entire car. You’ll likely use at least three or four wipes.

Wipe glass cleaners can be helpful if you need to clear off your side mirrors or windshield. Wipes come in resealable packs that fit neatly in a door pocket or under a seat.

D. Non-toxic

Knowing what’s in your glass cleaner can make a difference if you have tinted windows. By selecting a decent glass cleaner for tinted windows, you may prevent premature deterioration and breakdown of your window tint.

It could also harm your senses while alcohol speeds up the glass cleaner’s evaporation. Check the label before you buy if you’re concerned about additional substances that the company could include in glass cleaner, such as alcohol.

6 Things To Consider When Buying Car Interior Window Cleaner

Cleaning solutions often claim to remove dirt and debris without leaving streaks or smudges. Unfortunately, a lot of people fall short of such grand promises. Check out these things when shopping for the best non-streaking car window cleaner.

A. Easy Application

It shouldn’t be difficult to apply car interior window cleaner. Choose a glass cleaner that applies smoothly when applying it with a spray bottle, aerosol can, or glass wipe.

In general, spray bottles are simpler to use, but you might find that an aerosol can’s spray nozzle is easier on your hand. A variety of spray patterns also facilitates quick application.

B. Ingredients

Chemicals, including ammonia, chlorine, butoxyethanol, and others, are commonly found in car window cleaners. Despite their excellent cleaning ability, these chemicals can be dangerous to humans, animals, and children.

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To avoid those dangers, consider buying natural products such as vinegar and essential oils. These ingredients are less likely to irritate your skin and respiratory system.

C. Streak-Freak

Glass cleaners are only effective when your windows appear brand new. It will be easier to remove all the haze when you use a formula that won’t leave streaks. You should avoid car glass cleaners that leave a residue because they tend to leave streaks.

D. Tinted Window Rated

You should choose the best glass cleaner for cars that is safe for tinted windows. It is important not to use tint-safe glass cleaners that include ammonia. The more non-toxic your glass cleaner is, the safer you can use it on your glass.

E. Scent

The scent of the best automotive glass cleaners is barely perceptible and quickly goes away. However, some producers may add a little fragrance to their products.

If you are sensitive to scented glass cleaners, choose one with a light chemical aroma. It might not be completely odor-free, but it’s as close as possible.

F. Price

Auto window cleaners are quite reasonably priced. In actuality, most spray bottles and aerosol cleaning products cost around $2 to $10. You can also buy single-use wipes within this price range.

You can choose the best windshield cleaner inside the $10 and $25 price brackets. You can purchase a complete set that includes microfiber towels, wipes, and car window cleaning for $25 – $35.

Top FAQs About Best Windshield Cleaner Inside For Car

What’s The Best Product To Clean Car Windows?

After evaluating several glass cleaners, we recommend the Invisible Glass Spray Cleaner as the best window cleaner for cars. This ammonia-free cleaner is safe to use on tinted windows. According to consumers, it performed better than many other auto glass cleaners.

We suggest Meguiars Glass Cleaner as the best clean inside windshield tool. Previous customers report having a good time when using these products inside their vehicles.

What Do Car Detailers Use To Clean The Windows?

Car detailers clean vehicles’ windows and other glass surfaces using high-quality car care solutions. The products on this list are of consumer quality, although some still use them. Most car detailers advise using microfiber cloths to clean and dry automotive glass completely.

Can I Use Glass Cleaner On The Interior Of My Car?

This also depends on the glass cleaning brand you choose. Most are safe for dashboards, door handles, touch screen displays, vinyl seats, etc. To prevent harm and heartbreak, read your label first. On top of that, we strongly advise you to avoid using glass cleaner on the leather interior of your automobile.

Will Glass Cleaner Remove Bugs/Road Paint/Bird Droppings?

You can remove bird droppings and insect droppings with glass cleaners. However, you’ll need a more potent cleaner for most difficult situations, particularly for sticky substances like tree sap, tar, and road paint.

In an inconspicuous region, we advise testing more potent cleansers, so they don’t harm the paint or finish of your car.

How Often Should I Clean My Windows?

Many folks advise washing your car and then cleaning your windows afterward. However, you might want to clean if you have kids or pets who frequently touch the windows and windshield. It would help if you cleaned your windows of pollen, bird droppings, bug guts, mud, and other debris.

What’s The Best Way To Apply Glass Cleaner?

The ideal way to apply it is to spray auto window cleaner immediately onto a spotless, soft microfibre. After that, evenly apply this to the windows. Try to preserve a set of towels you use only for cleaning windows.

Also, try to avoid applying glass cleaner in strong sunshine or heat. Applying a glass cleaner in sunlight can dry it before you can wipe it off, producing streaks.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for the top car window cleaner, you have come to the right place. In this article, we have reviewed the top 7 window cleaners for cars. We’ve also included a buyer’s guide to finding a product best suited to your needs and preferences.

After careful research, we suggest that Invisible Glass Window Cleaner is the best window cleaner for cars. This product is available in a convenient spray bottle and is streak-free, making it easy to use. We recommend using a lint-free cloth when applying the cleaner.

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