What Headlights Will Work for My Car?

Headlights certainly fall into the category of essential equipment for your vehicle. As your car ages, you will need to replace the lights that keep you safe on the road every few years. Even going for a couple of rides without working headlights, taillights, or brake lights can increase your risk of a crash.

Fortunately, replacing burned-out lights with a quality product takes just an hour or two and doesn’t empty out your wallet.

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2007 Hyundai Santa-Fe Headlight Bulbs

Your trusty older model vehicle saves you money and still offers reliable transportation. When the headlights stop working, you can head to your local repair shop, but that might cost a few extra dollars. Better yet, when you need a 2007 Hyundai Santa-Fe headlight bulb you can just head down to your local auto parts store, purchase the bulb and install it yourself. 

The entire process shouldn’t give you any trouble. First, you can buy online or pickup at your local store. By entering your vehicle information, you will only see headlights that fit your Santa-Fe, and you will have some interesting options, all of them under $100. You can purchase a single bulb, but it makes sense to buy two bulbs since headlights tend to go out at about the same time.

When searching for the ideal bulb, check out the product specifications. This includes information on the following details:

  • Length of bulb
  • Brightness level
  • Bulb technology (such as halogen )
  • Voltage and wattage
  • Beam type

Make sure to buy only DOT-approved bulbs. Also, search for a quality manufacturer such as Sylvania, an OEM lightning leader with over 100 years of experience. Top-notch engineering gives you both durability and performance and will cut down on highway glare.

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Installing the replacement bulb just takes a few minutes. If you haven’t done this before, ask a friend for help or watch a short YouTube video. Make sure you wear gloves or use a clean towel during installation to reduce the transfer of oils, which could degrade the bulb. Never touch the glass during installation with your bare hands. 

2016 Ford Focus Headlight Bulbs

You will get the same options for high quality and a fair price when you need a new 2016 Ford Focus headlight bulb. As for bulb technology for this vehicle, most choices will come with a halogen bulb. This standard and proven technology work through a thin tungsten filament surrounded by halogen gas.

As electricity passes through the filament, the bulb illuminates, allowing you to see the road ahead at night.

For a few dollars more, you can get a metal halide bulb, which illuminates light more on the white spectrum (as opposed to the yellowish tint of halogen bulbs). It can increase performance by the better reflection of road markers, paint and road signs and it can also improve the light output in front of your vehicle.  

You can shop online for the best deals for quality auto parts, whether you need a replacement 2012 Chevrolet Traverse headlight bulb or another essential part. High quality, a fair price, and a great selection help keep your vehicle running.

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