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7 Effective Ways to Stay Alert on Long Drives

Ways to Stay Alert on Long Drives

Long drives seem to be amazing and memorable but one thing that we cannot ignore with them is the exhaustion. Long driving or driving at night, make you feel exhausted, both mentally and physically.

During long drives, especially at night, it is common for drivers to feel groggy and tired. But to drive safely and prevent the risk of accidents, etc. drivers have to make sure they will stay awake as well as alert.

Those who are new drivers usually prefer avoiding long drivers. The reasons behind this are the lack of driving skills and experienced, both of which are important to drive safely on the road. However, joining defensive driving courses and learning how to stay alert on long drives help new drivers drive safely and prevent the risk of road accidents. Some effective ways that help drivers stay alert on long drives are listed below.

Effective Ways to Stay Alert on Long Drives

1. Get a Proper Sleep

The first thing that you must always ensure before starting a long drive is that you are not tired or drowsy. Lack of sleep makes it tough for you to focus properly on the road. In case you are planning for a long drive, it is always better to make sure you will get plenty of sleep the night before you drive.

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Even taking a short nap of 3-5 hours helps you get fresh, and alert and make yourself ready for the trip/drive. It helps you pay good attention to the other vehicles and the road.

2. Avoid Mixing Drinking And Driving

Another effective way to stay alert on long drives is to avoid mixing driving with drinking. Many drivers prefer drugs/alcohol and other substance while driving with the misconception that it will help them stay awake. But when you mix drinking with driving you just put yourself and others at high risk of accidents.

It is always suggested to avoid drinking while as well as even before driving. Never drink and drive. Alcohol not only just reduces your driving ability but also makes you feel exhausted. This further increases your chances of falling asleep while driving. It is neither safe nor legal to drive under the influence of alcohol or any other substance.

Those who join defensive driving courses get to know more about the reasons to avoid drinking while driving. Florida traffic school experts that offer defensive driving courses, make sure each driver will be aware of the driving rules and regulations. The courses help drivers avoid driving mistakes that can cost them and others high.

3. Play Energetic Music

Playing energetic music during the long drive also plays an effective role in keeping you awake. Many drivers choose slow and light music to keep themself fresh and energetic during long drives. But slow and light music increases your chances of feeling sleepy.

Fresh, energetic, and loud music helps you stay awake and prevent the risk of accidents. Just make sure not to play music at high volume. Along with this, singing the songs while listening to them also helps you stay alert and awake.

4. Take Frequent Short Breaks

Many drivers keep driving without taking any breaks. This not just increases your chances of feeling exhausted but also affects the engine of your vehicle. When driving for long trips or distances, it is better to take short breaks at least after every 2-3 hours.

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During these breaks, you can stretch yourself, freshen up, eat your meal, drink your favorite juice, coffee, or tea, and even take a short nap. Short breaks further help get the energy you need to drive properly with focus and help you stay alert.

5. Avoid Driving Alone

Long drives, turn out to be more memorable when you have someone by your side. Driving with your favorite person or any family member or friend helps you keep yourself interacting with them. Driving with a companion on a long drive helps you have someone to talk with. It also helps you stay alert and have another eye to keep you awake.

6. Eat Light Meals

Eating heavy meals before or even during long drives increases the chances of feeling tired. This does not mean that you should avoid meals or eating, just make sure to prefer healthy and light food/meals. Junk and pasteurized food seem to be tasty but they do not provide you with the long-lasting energy and stamina that you need to stay alert as well as awake during long drives.

7. Keep Yourselves Hydrated

Long drives are not just time-consuming but also increase the chances of dehydration. During long drives, your chances of eating healthy and fresh food decrease. But when you stop drinking a good amount of water during long drives for any reason, it increases your chances of dehydration which further make you feel restless, weak, and tired. So make sure you will keep yourself hydrated with water, juice, and other drinks.

Final Thoughts

Before driving on roads with heavy traffic and long drives, each new driver needs to make sure he/she has the right driving skills. Joining defensive driving courses offered by experts help drivers improve their ability to drive more safely on the road. It helps them know about driving rules, tricks, and strategies that each driver must know to avoid accidents, fines, and driving mistakes.

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