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UAE’s Most Beautiful Landscapes: A Guide to Luxury Nature Tours

UAE’s Most Beautiful Landscapes: A Guide to Luxury Nature Tours

Many people get surprised by the idea of the UAE having beautiful landscapes. Contrary to popular misconception, the UAE is not only sand and desert. There are diverse landscapes if you know where to look. From natural mangroves to desert oases and more, this part of the world holds more beneath the surface. Get yourself a good Mercedes rental in Dubai car or SUV to visit the beautiful landscapes.

Palm trees and natural beaches are found in plenty as well. But of course, everyone knows about them. What comes as a surprise to many is the fact that there are so many mountain ranges and landscapes here as well. Also, resilient flora and fauna have found a way to survive in the harsh Middle Eastern climate. So, here are some beautiful landscape sites to visit in the UAE:

Take a Dune Bashing Trip to the Desert

The desert has always mesmerized tourists in the UAE. It is one of the biggest attractions as well. Dune bashing takes the desert experience to a whole new level. When visiting Dubai or any other part of the UAE, you can get specialized SUVs for the purpose.

Something like a Range Rover or a Mercedes G Wagon is perfect for dune bashing. Be advised that this is not a driving task for new drivers. You need to be a real off-roading expert to have a chance to drive on those high dunes. And yes, those dunes do get surprisingly high in most parts of the UAE.

Overnight Desert Safaris Are the Best

Desert safari adventures are always one of the best trip ideas for natural landscape hunters. If you select the right time of year for a desert safari, it can be a great experience. Summer months get too hot in the desert. Even though, it gets milder after dark, yet, the best times to visit are the winter months. Overnight desert safari trips can be so calming taking you back to nature. Hire a full guided tour if it is your first time. Overnight camping in the desert with traditional Arabian foods is pure luxury.

Don’t Miss the Hajar Mountains

One of the most popular natural landscape destinations in the UAE is the Hajar Mountains. This is a rugged range and stretches along the UAE’s east coast. If you are into activities like hiking and rock climbing, the Hajar Mountains are for you.

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There are many trails to explore that also offer breathtaking landscape views. The historic mountain village of Masafi presents traditional pottery-making and souk experiences for tourists as well.

The Jubail Mangrove Park

Visiting Abu Dhabi, you will get a chance to also see the Jubail Mangrove Park. The distinctive trees with visible root tips shooting up from the ground have a great function in the region. They provide protection from storms and rising sea levels. Spreading across a wide area of around seven square miles, the Jubail Mangrove Park is an ideal place for landscape seekers. Kayaking is one of the best ways to explore the park. However, you can also take a walk across the boardwalk that zigzags through it.

Visiting the Al Ain Oasis

For tourists staying in Dubai, the Al Ain Oasis isn’t too far. Get yourself a nice car rental Dubai luxury option and visit the UAE’s first UNESCO World Heritage site. It has one of the world’s oldest date palm plantations. There are more than 50,000 palm trees there making it a true oasis in the desert. Visitors can learn more about the history of date farming. Al Ain also houses many traditional irrigation systems, also known as falajes.

Jebel Hafit Desert Park Trip

Not very far away from Al Ain, is the Jebel Hafit. The two can be combined into a day trip. At 3,800 feet high, the Jebel Hafit is one of the UAE’s tallest peaks. The Jebel Hafit Desert Park has a rugged natural landscape. Also, there are many ways to get around here. A camelback ride, a horseback adventure, or a mountain bike ride are all available options.

The place has almost Martian landscapes and more than 5,000 years old tombs that house burial sites of Al Ain’s oldest known inhabitants. Also, camping is allowed at the Jebel Hafit. It can be a perfect overnight camping opportunity too.

Sir Bani Yas Island Trip

Adding Sir Bani Yas Island to your adventure landscape trip is a great idea. You can visit the island by bus, ferry, and also by your car. The island has plenty of animals that can be easily observed through a lens. The majestic Arabian Oryx is also found on the island.

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In addition to that, you also get to observe cheetahs, hyenas, giraffes, gazelles, and much more wildlife in their natural habitat. This island trip will surely change the way you view Dubai and the rest of the UAE.

Visit the Dubai Miracle Garden

Although manmade, the Dubai Miracle Garden surely deserves a spot here. Spanning over a 72,000 sq m facility, the garden houses more than 150 million flowers. Just fathom that for a second. It is truly a manmade miracle in its own right. Flora sculptures wow you even more if the numbers don’t. Located right in the heart of Dubai near the Dubai Mall, it is a must-visit place for landscape lovers. Also, you can manage the Dubai Aquarium trip along with the Dubai Miracle Garden in one day. It will be time well spent with the family.

Bottom Line

Dubai and the rest of the UAE are plentiful when it comes to landscapes and natural views. Of course, this part of the world is known for manmade luxury. However, if you know where to look, you will find natural landscapes and breathtaking views as well.

Visit the UAE in the cooler months of the year. Bring the family along or travel with the loved one on a honeymoon trip. The place will not let your down in any way. Also, look for full guided tours to make the most out of sightseeing opportunities.

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