Explore 2023 Aprilia RS 660 Extrema – Aprilia Reveals Experts Review

If you are a motorcycle enthusiast, you might be familiar with all the excitement & uproar caused by the Italian-origin bike 2023 Aprilia RS 660 Extrema.

Aprilia is an Italian motorcycle manufacturer that came into existence after World War II. Earlier, the company was dedicated to making bicycles but slowly moved further to scooters and small-capacity motorcycles.

And in more recent times, the company has taken a turn and is producing sportbikes. If you are looking for an affordable motorcycle to ride, Aprilia is your brand.

The company has had many successful launches in America, the most recent being the Aprilia RS 660. People loved it so much that they were waiting for the company to launch its enhanced version.

Finally, the wait is over. 2023 Aprilia RS 660 Extrema is all set to hit American dealerships this year. We are here to reveal all the crucial details related to the model and give you a better first reveal of the much-awaited bike.

Aprilia RS 660 (2021-Present)

If fast, exciting, and thrilling are your check boxes for buying a sports bike, the Aprilia RS 660 is the one that will tick them all.

This mini superbike is crammed with top-tech features and comes with a cutting-edge look that will turn people’s heads.

The model is powered by a twin-cylinder 660 cc engine producing about 100 hp with impressive torque output. You get to experience lively & responsive performance every single time.

This model hit the American automotive market in 2021 and became a huge success. You can buy the base model for $11,499.

The massive success of Aprilia RS 660 encouraged the maker to give people something more potent in the same class. And thus, the exclusive Aprilia RS 660 Extrema is all set to hit American dealerships in 2023.

Different Versions Of Aprilia RS 600:

  • Aprilia RS660
  • Aprilia RS660 Limited Edition
  • Aprilia RS660 Extrema
  • Aprilia RS660 Trofeo (track only)

2023 Aprilia RS 660 Extrema Review – Engine, Top Speed & Pricing

2023 aprilia rs 660 extrema review

Key Features

  • Complete exhaust SC project
  • Carbon under-cover
  • Carbon mudguard
  • Upside-down gearbox software
  • Single-seat cover
  • 6.6 lb. lighter
  • Checkered flag

After the immense success of the RS 600 in the American market, Aprilia was flooded with requests to launch a sportier model version.

And finally, after almost three years, the Italian automaker is all set to make its lovers happy by launching an all-new RS 660 with the addition of “Extrema” to showcase the difference.

Aprilia RS 660 Extrema is a sports bike for people who desire high-end sporty looks & performance but do not relish the ample horsepower, high-end tech features, and killing price. It is an affordable ride for daily use but still gives you room to brag.

So, if you are interested in buying this impressive ride for yourself or someone you admire, keep reading to make yourself more familiar with this ride.

2023 Aprilia Rs 660 Release Date

The manufacturer still needs to release the official release date of the upcoming RS 660 Extrema.  However, the model is anticipated to hit American dealerships in Spring this year.

Aprilia RS 660 Extrema Weight: Unleashing Lightweight Precision

To make the bike more sturdy to handle, the company has shaved about three kilograms of weight from it. Thanks to such a considerable weight off, the new ride offers a better power-to-weight ratio. Aprilia already claims it as the best ratio figure in the category.

Know About 2023 RS 600 Extrema Price: Perfect Balance Of Affordability

The official selling price for the stylish Extrema has yet to be released. But we can easily anticipate it by exploring the prices of its fellow models in the lineup. The base RS 660 model costs around $11,499, and the Limited Edition can be yours for $13,132.

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While looking at the previous launches in the RS lineup, we anticipate that the 660 Extrema will be available for an estimated $13,875.

Aprilia RS 660 2023 Engine & Performance

2023 aprilia rs 660 extrema engine

The all-new Extrema variant of RS 660 is powered by a 659cc parallel twin-cylinder forward-facing engine producing 100 hp at 10,500 RMP.

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The company has made no claims about the bike getting additional power from the new engine. However, you will surely experience faster acceleration than the RS 660 because of the significant weight drop.

Aprilia RS 660 Extrema Colors 2023

Looks are one of the most significant selling points of any automobile, whether a two-wheeler or a four-wheeler.

Most of the time, like cars, motorcycles also come in a wide range of color options. But this is not the case with the RS Extrema. This model is available in only color variants: red and white.

2023 Aprilia Extrema Exterior Colors

2023 Aprilia Extrema Exterior

The exterior of the new Extrema is almost similar to its base model RS 660. With the look revealed by the manufacturer, the resemblance is uncanny. However, the latest model does come with a carbon fiber mudguard and belly pan.

In addition, there is also a cover for the passenger seat that will give the entire seating space a single-seat bike look.

RS 660 Extrema Top Features – New 660 Variant Features

The upcoming sports bike has various impressive advanced features that are hard to ignore.

Below we have a list of some of the best features you can enjoy in your new Aprilia ride:

  1. Multimap Cornering ABS 
  2. 5 Riding Modes
  3. Color TFT instrument panel
  4. Aprilia MIA (optional feature)
  5. The front light is a group of 3 LED elements
  6. Distinctive DRL with integrated indicators
  7. Ambient light sensor that regulates automatic headlight activation 
  8. A pair of “cornering lights” that illuminate the entire bend for greater visibility 

Exploring The Extrema 2023 Braking System

The braking system of this motorcycle comprises Front ABS with double discs, each with a diameter of 320 mm, while the rear disc is about 220 mm in diameter.

There are Brembo radial calipers with four 32mm opposing pistons with radial pump & metal braided brake hose. Lastly, there is multimap ABS cornering.

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2023 RS 660 Extrema Electronic Controls

The best way to know how to handle a bike is to learn its working mechanism. If you know what comprises its control system and how it works, you will have better handling of your two-wheeler.

Here are the top electronic controls of 2023 Aprilia Extrema:

  • Six-axis inertial platform
  • APRC package containing ATC (traction control)
  • AWC (wheelie control)
  • AEB (engine braking)
  • AEM (engine maps)
  • ACC (cruise control)
  • 5 Riding Modes ( Road and Track, 3 Fixed & 2 Customizable)

Explore The 8 Best Things About 2023 Aprilia RS 660 Extrema

The all-new 2023 Aprilia Extrema is a versatile ride that depicts the brand’s excellence and gives beyond its weight. If you are considering buying this brilliant lightweight motorcycle, knowing it is the best way to form a decision.

Exploring this smartly-handled bike impressed us. The dirt bike is a brilliance altogether, but there are a few reasons why we like it so much. Check out our top eight things that we like about this new Aprilia motorcycle:

– Gives a Brilliant Start

If you are into racing or love speed but can not afford those hefty high-end bikes, then this new RS model is for you.

With the RS 660 lineup, Aprilia has finally started working towards showing its presence and dominance in the American market. So, if you want to be a racer and need a ride you can trust, this is the ride any beginner can go for.

– Street Legal

One of the most significant issues with motorcycles is that they need to be legally authorized by the government for you to ride on public roads.

The upcoming Electra is street-legal, with all the requirements fulfilled to keep you out of any trouble in the future.

– Street Bike Disguised As Track Bike

One of the most brilliant features of this motorcycle is that its exterior declares it a track bike. But, in reality, it is a street bike that can go on track.

It means that you can ride this bike on streets and on race tracks, which is not possible for race track bikes in general. Thus, this makes this new ride the best choice for budding racers.

– GP Shift

To make the driving experience even better, the manufacturer has added a GP shift to its software. This feature will allow you to accelerate up-shift by simply flipping your shifter upside down.

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It is a brilliant addition to praise, as the GP shift usually does not blend well with the modern, quick shifters, as most modern bikes are not set up to handle something like this.

– Impressive Engine

The engine of the new 660 Electra model is similar to its predecessor. The parallel-twins engine is well known across the industry for being the most efficient platform but not as thrilling. But with its RS 660, Electra Aprilia has shown that the parallel twin can be both efficient with a side of fun.

– Stellar Electronics

The bikes’ electronic suites make Aprilia a distinctive name in the motorcycle market. And they have done the same with this bike.

All-new Electra comes with lean angle detecting traction control on the middleweight, giving you almost everything you need. It is a system that works brilliantly well on both streets and tracks.

What’s applauding is that Aprilia was more than okay to put such a magnificent feature on subtle 660 bikes.

– Lightness

One of the most talked about features 2023 Electra is its lightweight. The makers have shed about 6.6 pounds from the previous model but have made no compromise on the build.

The front mudguard, belly pan, and SC project exhaust are all made from the best materials. Thanks to the weight drop, the Extrema is about 37 pounds lighter than the stock bike.

– Best Modern Middleweight Sportbike

Currently, the 660 is the best modern middleweight sportbike money can buy for you.

It offers all the best features you can ask for in a street bike and at an acceptable price range.

What Is The Difference Between Aprilia RS 660 And RS 660 Extrema?

The upcoming Aprilia RS holds many distinctive differences compared to the base model of the lineup. One of the first things you can notice is the snazzy paint job exclusive to Extrema. While the RS 660 is relatively modest in comparison.

Also, Extrema comes with an up & down quick-shifter and single-seat unit where the passenger & driver seats are combined. In addition, the street-legal SC-Project exhaust with carbon silencer is a significant change from the base model.

Furthermore, the all-new Aprilia Extrema comes with a black anodized aluminum silencer bracket, which removes the passenger footpegs, making your ride even lighter.

Lastly, the belly pan and mudguard are made from light yet strong carbon fiber and are all part of the new design.

Top FAQs About 2023 Aprilia RS 660 Extrema Specs

How much horsepower does an Aprilia RS 660 Extrema have?

The all-new Extrema is powered by a twin-cylinder 659 cc engine that can efficiently channel 100 horsepower with incredibly high torque.

For a street bike, you will have abundant power in your hands.

Is the all-new Extrema a sports bike?

YES. The upcoming RS 660 Extrema by Aprilia is a sports bike you can ride on the streets and tracks.

The bike is exclusively made for aspiring racers. If you are someone who wants to make a career in bike racing but can not afford to go for those upbeat bikes, this Aprilia Extrema is an excellent choice for you.

Is there an Aprilia rs 660 factory 2023?

Aprilia is about to launch a new model in the RS lineup in 2023, but it is not the RS 660.

The new model that will hit American dealerships this spring is the 2023 Aprilia RS 660 Extrema.

This model is factory-made with all the best features, power & strength offered at a reasonable price.

What is the top speed of 2023 Aprilia Extrema?

The top speed of the base model of Extrema RS 660 is 147 mph. The upcoming model shares almost a similar engine to the base one.

So, it is easy to anticipate that the Extrema edition of the RS lineup by Aprilia will hit at least 147 mph. These are some excellent top-speed numbers for a sports bike in this category.

How is the customer service of Aprilia?

When it comes to the services of Aprilia, consumers have mixed reviews.

Some are satisfied with the company while others complain about it being very late yet unsatisfactory.

Consumers have mixed feelings, but in our research, we found the company doing good for a non-American automaker.


2023 Aprilia RS 660 Extrema is one of the best models the company will launch in a foreign market. The model is said to hold the best features the manufacturer offers at a modest price.

We hope you enjoyed exploring this upcoming two-wheeler with us and were able to decide on your purchase.

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