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Are E-bikes Good for Beginners? Other Types of E-bikes

Are E-bikes Good for Beginners?

If you can ride a regular bike, then you will definitely be able to ride an e-bike (electric bike). This is because it works the same as a regular bicycle, but it provides just a steady stream of support that is powered by an electrically charged battery. Don’t worry; you won’t be lunging forward like most people might think when contemplating an e-bike.

Utilizes Clean Energy

As stated previously and if the name isn’t obvious enough, e-bikes run off electricity. Rather than your conventional motor, or an engine, e-bikes do not burn any fumes. This of course saves you money in the long run, and also benefits the environment by reducing carbon emissions.

While many e-bikes require them to be charged via electrical cable, you could also have high output alternators installed if you didn’t buy one that has it already.

Good for Those Lofty Hills

If you ride your bike in rugged, steep, or lofty terrain, an electric bike is very useful. It doesn’t matter how strong or athletic you are, sometimes regular bicycles are not cut out for certain elevations, even if you pedal your heart out.

Smoother Turns

When making turns or zigzags (ie San Francisco), you’ll notice that you’ll ride much smoother. You don’t feel any jolts and the electric bike only puts as much energy in as you do and distributes it evenly.

Less Pressure on Knees and Joints

 If you are more concerned about the commute to and from work than the athletic facets of using an electric bike, this is perfect for you. You get extra support not just from the electricity, but many other specs that make these extra comfortable, depending on what you buy.

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The last thing you want to do after a hard day of work feels like you’re overexerting or having to push extra hard on the pedals.

Saving Money

Just like a regular bike, you save money with an electric bike, since you are not using gas. You’ll also save time, which is also money, by getting to and from your destination with less effort. Electric bikes range anywhere from roughly $500-$10,000. It is worth the investment and is very durable.

Other Types of E-bikes:

  • Commuter E-bikes
  • Mountain E-bikes
  • Performance Road E-bikes

Commuter E-bikes

Because of the additional weight of the battery, motor, and the reinforced frame, commuter e-bikes are designed to support this. This is done by implementing wider tires and a sturdy frame.

Mountain E-bikes

These are heavy-duty bicycles designed for the roughest terrain. You truly get your money’s worth with a mountain e-bike. Can you imagine? You are using half the effort you normally would when riding. This is perfect for off-road cycling and riding up and down those crazy, steep hills in the woods.

Performance Road E-bikes

These are good for riding on pavement but they also do well on other surfaces. These are good for local commutes but will outperform most cyclists with conventional bicycles.

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Rules and Regulations

E-bikes are not considered motor vehicles and can generally be ridden as you would a bicycle. To be certain though, check with your local jurisdiction. Some states or counties are more conservative about e-bikes.

Pedal Assist and Throttle E-bikes

The distinction between a pedal assist and a throttle e-bike is that pedal assist e-bikes mostly rely on pedaling to signal the motor to assist the bicycle. Throttle e-bikes have buttons that the rider presses to get assistance.

Are E-bikes Powered by Pedaling?

There are some e-bikes that have that feature, but most of them don’t. The battery life is usually enduring and access to electricity is abundant. How often will you use your e-bike and for what purposes? What other accessories will you utilize?

How Heavy are They?

They can weigh anywhere from 40 lns to 65 lbs. This is to accommodate the motor and the battery. This usually is not an issue unless you need to lift a lot. There are some manufacturers that make lightweight batteries too.


Most electric bikes are built to be more durable than most conventional bikes. They are made of sturdy aluminum alloy frames that is lightweight as it is strong. E-bikes are here to stay, and their electrical components and motors have just as much consideration put into them as their frame. Replacing any parts somewhere down the road is hassle-free and relatively inexpensive considering their reliability.


The more often and intensely you use your e-bike, the more wattage is necessary. Most riders have accessories installed on the e-bike. This is why installing a high-output alternator is crucial to getting the most out of your e-bike experience.


E-bikes are so cool for so many reasons. If you thought it ended at the half-reduction of force required to ride than conventional bikes, you’re in for a treat.

Now that your bike is electric, you can have both non-electric-powered accessories and electric-powered accessories. Some of these electric-powered accessories include but are not limited to:

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  • E-bike alarm system.
  • E-bike horn.
  • Rechargeable bike lights/reflectors.
  • Turning signals.
  • LED lights.
  • Spoke lights.
  • Speedometer.
  • Blue-tooth speakers.

Other Benefits of Extra Wattage

If you are heavier or if you are carrying cargo, you might want to take that into consideration. Getting a high-output alternator will support all of the demands of more wattage. Some e-bikes come with USB ports for charging other devices such as cell phones or GPS navigation devices so a boost of power could make all the difference and allow for smoother, and more efficient rides.

What about Kids?

E-bikes are available for kids as young as 7 and as old as 14. They even have e-bikes with training wheels.


If you are an Uber Eats delivery driver, or ride for work and deliver cargo, cut the workload in half and get an e-bike. This will enhance your performance, increase productivity, and reduce a lot of stress while making work more fun. If you’re a pizza delivery driver, this is a godsend.

Elderly People?

Absolutely! E-bikes are perfect for the elderly. Especially those that want to make exercise a part of their lifestyle to promote health and longevity. It takes so much strain off knees and joints, while still not diminishing the intensity of the cycling per the rider’s comfort and own limitations. This is wonderful for cardiovascular health as well.

Progressive and Individualized

There may be a time and a place for a conventional bike, but once you ride on e, you’ll feel a little odd. You might not want to go back once you see how efficient e-biking is. Riding an e-bike is also a fun and practical way to express your individuality.

Popular Asf

E-bikes are more popular than traditional bicycles right now. This could be partly due to society’s shift in attitude with being greener. They are low-maintence, durable, stylish, easy to ride, and save money on transportation. Who wouldn’t want an e-bike?

Celebs Love them Too

This also means you should too because why throw away your life and not adhere to a celebrity’s lifestyle. Don’t you want to be normal? Seriously though, Leonardo DiCaprio, Martha Stewart, Jason Momoa, and Prince Charles are just a few stars that love to ride their e-bikes.

Am I Lazy for Wanting an E-bike?

While your laziness is not determined by your e-bike preference, e-bikes are designed to cut the amount of effort it takes to go x amount of distance in y amount of time.

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Most of the consumers are actually very athletic and ride even longer, It is practical to utilize such innovation, and equally as foolish to denounce it. You decide what your limit is.


A study at The University of Tennesse concluded that e-bikes are about 3 mph faster than traditional bikes. If they could go any faster though it is likely they will be subject to regulation for public safety. Some of the fastest e-bikes can go up to 28 mph, but this is with full-pedal assist mode, which again required a rider to pedal and interact with the motor.


While an e-bike is not a submarine, it can definitely withstand rain and thunderstorms. Manufacturers are required to provide an IP rating for e-bikes and will specify exactly how wet or dirty they can get. Some are more water-resistant than others. They are electric though, so no amount of engineering will change the fact that electricity and water don’t mix. Hint: Don’t ride in the swimming pool.

Folding E-bikes

Folding E-bikes are great in that they can fold into under half their size. This makes it very convenient, such as when you’re riding a bus and you need to place the bike on the rack in front of the bus. This is also great for storage and can even fit in the trunk of most vehicles. If you have several, you’ll appreciate the additional space if you store them in your garage.

Some Top E-Bike Manufacturers in 2022

  • Rad Power Bikes
  • Ride1Up
  • Ariel Rider
  • Juiced Bikes
  • Super 73
  • Bunch Bikes
  • Bikitrix
  • Eventon
  • Serial 1
  • Lectric eBikes

E-bikes are Good for Everyone!

And this includes beginners and the environment, as well as its inhabitants. They are affordable, versatile, practical, popular, durable, fun, and great for the environment. You’ll ride a lot smoother, and can get the same amount of exercise without it being detrimental to your legs and knees. If you are anyone that has a need for speed, is pursuing an active lifestyle, cares about nature, and geeks out over innovative designs, then e-bikes are for you. Beginners too!

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