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How the Latest Toyota Vehicles Harness the Power of Generative AI

How the Latest Toyota Vehicles Harness the Power of Generative AI

You can look anywhere these days and see thrilling news articles about how AI is making an impact on the world. AI, shorthand for artificial intelligence, is an exciting new technology form that should have many applications and uses in numerous industries and niches. The automotive industry is one of those.

Toyota is one brand that has been using AI in their latest vehicles. They’re using a particular form of this technology called generative AI. If you want a new Toyota, Orem, Utah, is one place to get it. There, you’ll find some of the best new Toyota models that use this emerging technology.

Before you look for your new car, though, you should know a little more about generative AI and how the Toyota company is using it. Let’s discuss that for a moment.

What is Generative AI?

Generative AI is a variety of artificial intelligence that can generate text. However, it can also create images or other forms of media using what are called generative models.

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This kind of AI uses input training data that it picks up from the world around it. What it’s looking for are structure and patterns. Once the AI has learned enough from what’s around it, it generates new data with similar characteristics.

Toyota Has Been Using AI for Years

The Toyota company has been using AI for several years, though it was doing so quietly and mostly behind the scenes. In 2016, the company started using Safety Connect, which was a service powered by a technology infrastructure called Drivelink. One of Toyota’s subsidiaries, Toyota Connected North America, created Drivelink.

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The Safety Connect service available in new Toyota models starting in 2016 leveraged data points that the vehicles could identify while on the road in real time. The AI could detect when the car collided with something. When that happened, it would send an automatic message to send help.

This way, someone who was hurt in a crash would not need to make a phone call. The car would essentially do it for them.

The Latest AI in Toyota Models

These days, the AI Toyota has been using has gotten more advanced. The generative AI that it equips its vehicles with can enhance the customer and driver experience in several ways. Most of what the AI does is focused on safety.

Toyota teams have set up what amounts to a machine-learning pipeline. It predicts low-speed collisions. It can differentiate these from high-speed events and major crashes.

The generative AI collects data while you’re driving to learn about micro-collisions, which are the bumps and scrapes that happen to cars when they’re in parking lots or traveling at low speeds. This is the next generation of what AI can do for drivers. Eventually, this tech will translate to safety features that will make these collisions less likely.

The impact will manifest itself in better resale value for cars since you’ll be able to avoid many of the dings and dents that lower your vehicle’s worth.

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