6 Ways to Get Help After Being Involved in a Hit and Run

Being a victim of an incident involving a hit-and-run can be distressing and frightening. If the at-fault motorist flees the scene without leaving their contact information, you might feel helpless and unclear about what to do. In such situations, it’s crucial to know the steps to take and the resources available to get the help you need.

This article outlines six essential ways to navigate the aftermath of a hit-and-run incident and ensure you receive the assistance you require.

1. Contact Law Enforcement

Contacting law enforcement after a hit-and-run accident is not just a recommended step but a legal obligation. In Nevada, when you engage with local law enforcement to report the incident, you contribute to ensuring that the incident is officially documented as per the requirements of car accident reports in Nevada.

The police will gather evidence, interview witnesses, and create a report that can be pivotal for your insurance claim process and any potential legal actions that may arise. Prompt reporting is essential, as it not only helps in determining liability but also assists in maintaining the safety and integrity of the roadways in Nevada.

2. Document the Scene

Get as much information at the accident scene as you can, if you can do so.  Start by taking photographs of your vehicle and the surrounding area, capturing any visible damages or skid marks. In the course of the claims procedure, these pictures might be a crucial source of proof. Moreover, remember to record specifics.

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Obtain the contact information of any witnesses if they were there, as their testimony could be crucial to the inquiry. When it comes to hit-and-run accidents, thorough documentation of the scene, including photographs, time, and location, can be instrumental in assisting law enforcement in their investigation.

3. Seek Medical Attention

After a hit-and-run accident, your health should be a top priority. It’s critical to get medical help, even if you feel fine and don’t believe you have sustained significant injuries. Injuries from accidents can sometimes have delayed symptoms, and a thorough examination by a medical expert can guarantee that you get the treatment you require.

Moreover, important for both your health and any prospective legal or insurance claims is medical documentation of your injuries. Seeking prompt medical attention not only safeguards your well-being but also provides a comprehensive record of any injuries sustained, which can be vital when dealing with insurance claims and potential legal actions related to the hit-and-run incident.

4. Notify Your Insurance Company

Promptly contacting your insurance company is a crucial step in the aftermath of a hit-and-run accident. Inform your insurance about the occurrence, giving them all the details you have acquired, including the police report and any witness accounts. You will be guided through the claims process by your insurance provider, helping you understand the coverage that may apply to your situation.

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By involving your insurer promptly, you can expedite the resolution of your claim. Engaging with your insurance company not only ensures that you initiate the claims process efficiently but also allows you to access the support and coverage needed to address damages, medical expenses, and vehicle repairs, ultimately facilitating a smoother recovery after a hit-and-run accident.

5. Gather Witnesses

It’s critical to compile any witnesses’ contact information to the hit-and-run accident. These witnesses can provide essential statements about the incident, which may assist law enforcement in their investigation. Witness testimonies can help identify the responsible party and support the case.

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Their accounts of the incident can be valuable in resolving the case and ensuring you receive the assistance you need. Having witness accounts can significantly strengthen the evidence in a hit-and-run case, potentially leading to the identification and apprehension of the responsible party, ensuring justice is served, and increasing the likelihood of a successful resolution of the incident.

6. Consult an Attorney

In more complex hit-and-run cases, or when you face difficulties in identifying the responsible party, consulting with an attorney who specializes in personal injury or hit-and-run accidents is advisable. An attorney can guide your legal rights and potential courses of action.

They can aid in your comprehension of your alternatives and, if required, pursue an uninsured motorist claim. Legal professionals have the experience to navigate these complex situations and can be a valuable resource in the aftermath of a hit-and-run accident.


The experience of being in a hit-and-run accident is difficult, but following these essential steps can help you navigate the situation with greater confidence. Promptly contacting law enforcement, documenting the scene, seeking medical attention, notifying your insurance company, gathering witnesses, and consulting an attorney can collectively improve your chances of resolving the incident and obtaining the support you need to recover.

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