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How to Register an Imported Vehicle In The UAE?

How to Register an Imported Vehicle In The UAE

Many US citizens when they move to UAE also ship their vehicles to the UAE. This piece will provide a complete step-by-step guide to registering a vehicle in UAE.

1 – Prepare The Right Documents:

Once you receive the car in the UAE, your shipping company will also provide a VCC (Vehicle clearance certificate issued by UAE customs).  VCC is the most important documentation in the UAE as it determines the vehicle’s ownership.

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The vehicles that are exported from the US are American specs vehicles and to register them in the UAE it is a must to obtain a GCC conformity certificate. This certificate is issued by the UAE Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology.

2 – Vehicle Registration Test and Insurance

It is a must to do the vehicle registration test at any RTA-authorized vehicle testing center located across the UAE. Once the vehicle passes the mandatory test the owner should obtain a motor insurance policy before proceeding to registration.

3 – The next step is registration which can be done by visiting any RTA center in Dubai or by visiting MOI if you are registering in all other emirates except Dubai.

Using Vehicle Registration Services

The process of vehicle registration in the UAE is straightforward and hassle-free, However, vehicle registration in UAE can also be done through registration companies like Car Registration Renewal or Registration Renewal UAE.  Most of these companies are authorized to do all the vehicle registration steps for you.

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