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How Much Does it Cost to Rent An SUV per Day? Average Costs

How Much Does it Cost to Rent An SUV per Day?

How Much Does it Cost to Rent An SUV per Day? As the holiday season approaches, car renting is always the better option for many individuals. Before you head into the rental, price is one of the most crucial factors.

Regardless of your reason for renting an SUV, you should be aware of a few aspects of the rental fee before deciding whether or not it is worthwhile.

The cost of renting an SUV can vary from Explore Rentals to the next rental company and is contingent on several factors. The following are some general guidelines regarding price to assist you in making an informed decision.

How Much Does it Cost to Rent An SUV per Day?

When renting an SUV expect to spend between $50 and $60 per day. A one-week SUV rental can vary between $350 and $420.

This is the typical amount that you can anticipate paying in rent. The rates, however, are not fixed as they can go higher or lower depending on the rental company and the rental duration. You will need to conduct proper research and do due diligence.

What Factors Affect Car Rental Prices?

It would be prudent to look around and compare different rental prices for your SUV, as the rates may vary. However, these are some of the factors that will affect the car price;

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1. Car type

For most guys, the initial consideration before renting a car is the required space. Car rental agencies organize their vehicles into categories according to their dimensions.

  • Economy – In most cases, these are the most affordable and compact vehicles available. These vehicles can accommodate two passengers and their belongings.
  • Compact – They offer more space than economy because of the trunk size.
  • Standard – They have more space than the compact models and can fit more luggage in the trunk. They are best if traveling with four adults.
  • Luxury – These premium models will need you to cough up much more from your wallet. They range from SUVs to vans.

Consider a scenario where the company offers a discount on standard vehicles when it has limited availability of economy cars for rental during a particular weekend. Daily hire fees are affected by the make and model of the SUV you want to hire. However, rental agencies may provide discounts on particular car models, mainly if it’s low season.

2. Rental Car Pickup Location

The rental car pickup location will ultimately decide the rates you will get for your rental car. Car rental in airports is expensive, but renting at New York JFK is more costly than any other airport.

Here’s why. Similar to numerous other commodities, rental vehicles follow the supply and demand curve.

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A rental in a prominent tourist destination or during increased activity, such as spring break in South Florida, may incur a higher cost.

Additionally, charges may vary if you rent from an airport location instead of one outside the airport. Use public transportation, ridesharing, or a taxi to reach the rental car company outside the airport. This will result in substantial cost savings.

3. Driver’s Age

Next, consider the age of the driver. Some companies believe individuals between 23 and 36 are more likely to be negligent behind the wheel.

For this, they may charge you a higher rate. Certain agencies impose a minimum driving age to deter minors from operating motor vehicles. You may incur a driver fee if the designated driver has not hit the required age.

Different rental agencies have other age requirements that must be met. You will find that some restrict rentals exclusively to individuals over 20.

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Some have the minimum age requirement at 21, while the age limit is 18 in some states. In most cases, drivers under 25 will be charged a driver’s fee.

Why You Should Go For SUVs

SUVs are widely rented vehicles owing to their adaptability. In comparison to alternative vehicle varieties, they exhibit superior performance.

On the other hand, Sedans have a limited carrying capacity of a compact suitcase. Conversely, SUVs provide additional cargo space. This facilitates the relocation of camping gear or equipment and catering to other travel necessities during an upcoming road trip.

Additionally, some SUVs are considerably more comfortable and luxurious than other cars. Many feature spacious cabins, comfortable seating, satellite radio, and navigation GPS systems. Thanks to these factors, SUVs are particularly well-liked for short-term rentals when traveling. SUVs come in different sizes and models, meaning you are spoilt for choice.

You should carefully consider the type of SUV you intend to rent and its intended purpose. Long routes may result in unanticipated debts if mileage is a determining factor in payment.

However, an SUV could be worth the additional cost if you require extra cargo space during a lengthy road journey. Most people opt for SUVs like the Land Rover Range Rover due to their practicality.

If you value fuel mileage and prefer a more fuel-efficient vehicle, go for models such as the Hyundai Santa Fe and Honda CRV, which might be more affordable. These are only a few examples of SUVs that will allow you to enjoy your road trip while being fuel-efficient. This way, you get the best value for your money and save on gas.

However, the addition of each of these features can result in a higher price tag for midsize or entry-level SUVs compared to alternative options. For a minimum rental fee, you may select a hatchback or a vehicle of the same size. If you do not intend to travel too far, consider older models that have seen better days.


How much does it cost to rent an SUV per day? Renting a car is a sure way to explore a different country, allowing you to enjoy and have a road trip experience.

Several variables that will affect the car rental cost include your age and the type of vehicle you select. The location where you pick it up, the day of the week, and the number of days you have also affect the rental rates.

You will need to plan, be flexible in your needs, and get creative, including using local transport for a while to help you save.

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