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Expert’s Answer to Can I Put LED Headlights In My Car

Expert’s Answer to Can I Put LED Headlights In My Car

Due to a lack of knowledge about this latest headlight solution, many car owners like you search for the answer: Can I put LED headlights in my car? The straightforward answer is yes, you can put LED headlights in your automobile. You may switch to LED headlamps for brighter illumination, enhanced energy efficiency, and a longer lifespan.

Here, we elaborate on every relevant aspect of LED headlights to assist you in making an informed decision.

Basics of LED Headlights

The complete form of LED is a “light-emitting diode.” Unlike traditional halogen headlights, LED headlights do not rely on a filament’s burning. LED headlights use semiconductor diodes to deliver illumination.

In this technology, currents pass through the diode continuously when you activate the headlight. As a result, the diode starts to emit light, facilitating visibility during night-time driving.
Advantages of Using LED Headlights.

The following are the most crucial advantages of installing LED headlights.

  • These headlamps are energy-efficient. LEDs consume less power than their halogen counterparts, triggering lower strain on a car’s electrical system.
  • By producing brighter lights, LED headlights provide more excellent safety for night-time driving.
  • LEDs’ lifespan is generally higher than conventional halogen bulbs.
  • LED headlights’ aesthetic appeal is far higher than the traditional headlights.
  • These modern headlights allow you to provide a personal touch to your car.

The Answer: Can I Put LED Headlights in My Car

Indeed, the advantages mentioned above direct you to replace the conventional headlights with LEDs. You can easily do so. All you need to consider are the factors below before installing LED headlights in your car.

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The first important measure is the compatibility between your vehicle’s electric system and the LED headlight’s electrical requirements. LED headlights operate at a lower voltage. It is essential to check the generated voltage in your car.

Also, additional electrical items like resistors, specific socketing, decoders, etc., may be required depending on the car’s model. Additionally, check the headlight housing of your vehicle and the available LED headlights’ fitting requirements.

Aftermarket headlight manufacturers can produce LED headlights per particular requirements, ensuring compatibility and perfect fit. You can contact them and place your order with the respective specifications.

Meeting Regulatory Compliance

Before even purchasing LED headlights or placing an order, it is better to check your state’s regulatory compliance regarding headlights. In many states like Arkansas, Kentucky, Delaware, the US Department of Transportation (DOT) does not encourage using LED headlights.

DOT allows only white and amber colors of LEDs. Also, the entity approves using LED headlights that deliver up to 3,000 lumens. The color and brightness-related compliances apply to every state in the USA.

Adjustability of the Beam Pattern

Check the delivered beam pattern’s adjustability before deciding on a particular LED headlight set. You must select LED headlights that allow adjustment of light beam delivery depending on road, weather, and traffic conditions. You must ensure that the light output can avoid blinding the opposite vehicle’s driver.
DIY Guidelines to Install LED Headlights.

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Many of the latest models of cars use LED headlights. Also, some automotive manufacturers provide hybrid headlight solutions. You need to replace the halogen bulbs with car LED lights for this type of car.
If you will replace whole headlight assemblies, use the below stepwise processes.

Step 1: Required Items

Before initiating the installation, you must arrange the below items.

  • LED headlights
  • LED Headlight Kit (if needed)
  • Screwdriver, plier, wrench set, crimper, etc. tools
  • Ties and masking tapes
  • Safety gloves and glasses.

Step 2: Removal of Factory Headlights

Open the hood first. Then, carefully examine the electrical connections and headlight mounting points. We suggest you take a picture of the connections and mountings. This picture will help you with the new LED lights’ assembly installation works.

Now, remove the attached wiring harness to disconnect the battery, control system, etc., connections of the headlights. Then, unscrew the mountings of both headlights. Take out the old headlights one by one. Keep the removed headlights safe for resale or reuse in another vehicle.

Step 3: Installation of the New LED Headlights

In this step, you install the new LED headlights individually: start with the right side’s headlight. First, place the assembly in the headlight housing of the car. Connect the wiring to the new assembly and secure it in place with the mounting screws and bolts. Now, install the left side’s headlight. Check both headlight fittings to avoid misalignment.

Step 4: Check Up for Issues

It is time to test the newly installed headlights’ functioning. Also, confirming that the low and high beams are working appropriately is essential. Use the built-in adjustment and the owner’s manual to fix any alignment issues. Ensure the beams won’t create problems for the opposite driver’s visibility.

Step 5: Final Check

Close the hood and go for the first night-time driving. Look for issues. You can go with the new LED headlight assembly if no issue is found.

Tips to Use LED Headlights

The tips below will help you get the best output from the newly installed LED headlights.

  • Ensure the color temperature does not exceed 5000 Kelvin.
  • It is always better to consult the manufacturer’s manual or instructions of the LED headlight producers.
  • Do not go for cheap LED lights for cars. Check the quality of the bulbs before purchasing the headlights.
  • Ensure that there are no voltage fluctuations.

Final Words

Our in-depth answer to whether you can put LED headlights in my car benefits you. By considering the influential factors and applying the given installation process, you can easily replace the factory headlights with these aftermarket headlights.

Finally, we want to mention two particular things. First, if you need to gain adequate knowledge and skills about car parts, you should get professional help. Second, make sure that these aftermarket headlights are from a reputed manufacturer.

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