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What is a Full Suspension Ebike? Cons of the Full Suspension Ebike

There’s been a lot of talk about ebikes lately. Ebikes are the latest trend when it comes to the hobby of cycling. The trend is perfect for those who love cycling and checks the boxes for people interested in technology. Additionally, there are a lot of options for ebikes out there on the market. We will be covering one, the full suspension ebike.

What is a Full Suspension Ebike?

A full suspension ebike is an electric bike with both the front fork suspension and a rear suspension shock. These shocks work together to absorb the bumps you come across on rough terrain. The absorption from the two shocks gives the rider a much smoother riding experience.

The full-suspension ebike would be ideal for different types of mountain biking, such as:

  • Downhill
  • Trail Riding
  • Enduro
  • CX

They can also come in handy for those who hunt on these rugged landscapes. The full suspension ebike would make traveling from spot to spot a breeze.

Cons of the Full Suspension Ebike

Every pro has a con, which is no different with full suspension ebikes.

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  • The price tag is extremely high and can run you from $800-$1,200.
  • They are not considered the best for beginner riders since they make things too easy.
  • Full-suspension ebikes are usually a little heavier than other bikes.
  • They are not as versatile, as they only tend to do well in rough terrain.
  • Full suspension ebikes require more maintenance than different types of bikes.

Who Should Invest in a Full Suspension Ebike?

First and foremost, only experienced riders should invest in a full suspension bike. These bikes aren’t as versatile and are only for rough mountain terrains. They also don’t give much of a lesson to beginner riders. Due to the full suspension ebikes making harsh landscapes easier, they could spoil a beginner and build lazy habits. Lazy habits could lead to dangerous consequences.

Full suspension ebikes are indeed rising in their popularity. However, it is essential to remember that these bikes were not made for beginners. Moreover, a beginning rider would probably not want to invest in the high price tag. ebikes are made for advanced riders that are on mountain terrain often. They could also come in handy for those that hunt in those mountains. Therefore, full suspension ebikes were created for a specific target audience.

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