Kris Jenner Buys Electric Cars As Gifts For Her Family

Celebrities and their many vehicles are challenging to follow. Nevertheless, we keep you informed about everything in the automobile industry. For instance, Kris Jenner has electric cars as a gift for her children.

We all understand that you might not give the Kardashians much thought. The EV type and number on Kris Jenner’s Christmas present are intriguing. The American media celebrity purchased cars for her family!

You might wonder what a Moke is. A Moke is an all-electric beach (or other outdoor) buggy made to travel with you while the weather is nice. Stay with us if you haven’t heard about the new e-Moke yet.

You can learn more about Moke electric cars Kris Jenner bought and how she surprised her kids in this post. 

What Is A Moke Electric Car?

The Moke is a small, convertible utility and recreational vehicle with FWD. British Motor Corporation initially produced Moke & marketed by Austin and Morris. The Mini Moke had a straightforward doorless design from the start in the late 1950s.

As the Moke electric cars Kris Jenner bought couldn’t handle off-road terrain, it became a leisure vehicle. Its minimal maintenance costs made it a popular choice for summer vacationers. The Moke’s production stopped in 1993 after more than 50,000 units were sold.

Moke America redesigned the vehicle to fit current needs. The Moke became an electric vehicle, although the core design is still the same. After the electric revolution, Moke America modernized the vintage buggy and made it carbon-free.

The brand-new Kris Jenner electric cars are larger, wider, and more powerful than before. Although it resembles an ancient Moke, it is far more durable. Additionally, The Moke can take roughly forty kilometers and charges completely in eight hours.

What Is The Cost Of Kris Jenner Electric Cars?

Moke is undoubtedly a distinctive brand with an easily recognizable, simplistic aesthetic and playful appeal. They are very customizable and typically start at roughly $21,000. They often top out at $33,000 when fully customized.

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An overview, Kris Jenner Moke’s electric cars aren’t similar to other EVs. Despite their lower price point, they are not automobiles but more like golf carts. It resembles a luxury golf cart.

You can charge the Moke EV with a home charging connection that plugs into a standard 110-volt outlet. These little cars have a top speed of 25 mph, so they aren’t for the motorway.

On What Occasion Does Kris Jenner Buy Electric Cars For Her Family?

If you’re wondering, on what occasion did Kris Jenner gift Moke EVs to her family? Then look no further. Kim Kardashian shared six custom electric cars on Instagram. “Oh my god, check out our Christmas presents from my mother. How cool! “Said, Kim.

Kris Jenner surprised her children with Moke EVs on Christmas. It was a full surprise for all of the Kardashians as Kim Kardashian shared her joy by uploading a video on Instagram.

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This is not the first Christmas that Kris and the Moke company have worked together. She got a customized Moke EV car highlighted on her online blog in 2017. All of the vehicles’ license plates read West Coast Customs.

Kris Jenner’s electric cars came in a variety of colors, including pink, orange, yellow, blue, and white. According to Kim, the white car with the black skull sticker on the hood belongs to Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian.

The other three must belong to Rob Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Kendall Jenner, and Kendall Jenner because Kim claimed the pinks are hers and Khloe Kardashian’s.

What Is The Purpose Behind Kris Jenner Gifting Moke EVs To Her Kids?

Over the years, Kris Jenner has received tons of gifts from her kids. The mother stated in 2019 that all of her girls are “excellent gift-givers.” And it is one of the reasons to surprise them with the Moke electric cars Kris Jenner bought.

Kylie Jenner offers the most expensive gifts, according to Kris Jenner. She also singled out her middle child, saying, “Khloé delivers the most genuine gifts.” Even without a special occasion, Jenner revealed that her family enjoys giving gifts.

“Occasionally, something you see triggers a memory of someone. She added that the most meaningful gifts are those that show your thoughts for the person. Kris Jenner followed suit and made a special Christmas gesture for her kids.

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Moreover, she stepped one foot forward toward the electric trend and a clean environment. This gesture will intrigue many of her followers to buy electric cars and proceed toward a clean future.

How Much Kris Jenner Spent On Moke Electric Cars?

Kardashian West shared Kris Jenner’s electric cars as Christmas gifts for her family on Instagram on December 27. Look at our Christmas gifts from my mum, oh my God. For each of her children. In a video, she exclaimed, “How cool!

Then, Kardashian West displayed a fleet of colorful Moke electric vehicles to her followers. She stated, “Khloé and I received the pink ones,” adding that a white car with a skull on top belongs to “Kourtney and Travis Barker.”

Various sources claim that each car costs between $21,000 and $33,000. According to the source, Jenner probably spent more than $130,000 on six Moke electric cars for her family.

Top FAQs About Kris Jenner Electric Cars

What Kind Of Electric Cars Did Kris Jenner Buy?

Kris Jenner buys electric vehicles as a Christmas gift for her family. All the cars were Moke electric automobiles in various hues. The two pink cars, according to Kardashian, are for her and her sister Khloe.

She mused that the white one with the black skull was for Kourtney and Travis Barker, her boyfriend. Electric Mokes are very customizable and start at around $21,000.

How Much Does Kris Jenner Moke Electric Cars Cost?

Starting price for a Moke is just around $22,000. And that’s just the basic, most basic model. Need music? A stereo is more expensive. Need floor mats? That is also extra.

However, you can do it for just $21,975 if you’re cool with a basic model to transport you and three buddies around in luxury. Plus a 3% freight charge and a further delivery fee. 4% credit card processing fees, of course.

Okay, so the expenses begin to mount and reach nearly $24,000. However, thousands of other people do not appear to have been deterred.

Are Kris Jenner Moke Electric Cars Street Legal?

With a top speed of 25 MPH, Moke America is a Low-Speed Vehicle (LSV). Street-legal Moke America vehicles are available. The environment benefits more from it. It is reasonable to pay this amount. What a car ought to cost is that.

A local electric car is called a Moke America. It is a vehicle used to go about the city to see friends, the beach, and the grocery store. If you plan to go for six hours, you’re not in the correct car.

How Long Do Moke Batteries Last?

Kris Jenner Moke electric cars use the best U.S. battery by the best American battery company. They manufacture high-quality, sealed, maintenance-free batteries. These gel batteries are reliable, won’t spill or leak, and can survive most freezing temperatures.

You can use any household socket to recharge the electric Moke. You may travel forty miles on one charge; a full charge only takes 8 hours. The only electric Moke in the US, Moke America, emits no pollutants.

What engine does the new Moke use?

A 1083cc, four-cylinder petrol engine powers the most recent Moke. It has an automatic or manual transmission and 68 horsepower, which can move the small car at a breeze-free 68 mph.

Front Macpherson struts and trailing arms have been upgraded on the Moke’s suspension. For the front wheels’ brakes and the back wheels’ brakes, use drums. The extra luxury of power steering will make original Moke owners slightly envious.

Final Thoughts

Moke electric cars Kris Jenner bought for her family highlight the growing trend of electric cars. Kris Jenner electric cars are becoming more popular due to their environmental friendliness. The growing awareness of electric cars’ benefits will likely increase sales.

As a well-known celebrity, she has the power to influence others. Kris Jenner is helping to normalize electric cars and make them more mainstream. Gas prices are rising and climate change is threatening to make electric cars more popular.

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