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Top Reasons Why & How Do They Get Cars In The Mall

how do they get cars in the mall

Has it ever happened to you that you visited a mall, saw amazing cars on display, and wondered how do they get cars in the mall? If you did, then you are not alone. Kids aren’t the only curious beings around. We all have been visiting malls for as long as we can remember, and seeing a car inside that big place generally for people does peak one’s interest.

For some, it might not be a big deal, while others can not stop thinking about it. It sure has crossed our minds at least once in our lifetime about how the damn authorities get those large vehicles inside the malls, especially when the doors are only big enough for people.

Well, there are ways & they are kind of unique and exciting. Malls are places for attracting the masses, and the automobile industry is not letting go of the opportunity to showcase its best to the people nearby. There are doors different from the ones for the public, through which the vehicles are taken in & out of the mall.

The process is easy, which is why you see a new model every other week. To avoid any disruption, the task is performed before the mall opens. This is not it. There are various reasons why those cars are put in the malls instead of showrooms, different ways they are taken in & out, and more.

So, if you are a curious one who always thinks about how they get cars in the middle of the mall and many other related questions, this article is your guide. Explore the article step by step and uncover the various secrets those mall authorities hide from their visitors.

Top 6 Reasons Why Cars Are Put In The Malls

Before we begin exploring how they put cars in the mall, there are a few other crucial things you should know. Before we talk about the ways an automobile is escorted in & out of a mall, let us talk about the various reasons why there is a vehicle in the mall in the first place.

Firstly, all the vehicles you see inside the malls are not mall-owned. They are the cars from dealerships, most of the time, a particular dealership. There are various reasons why a car dealership wants its vehicle inside a big building filled with clothing, shoes, electronics, & food brands.

However, the reasons might vary from dealership to dealership regarding what their goals are. Here we have discussed the top most common reasons why a car dealership will have their automobile model displayed in the mall.

1. Market A New Model

A car dealership generally has a vehicle displayed in the mall if it is the latest and much-anticipated release. It is a universal fact that people like the latest, trendy, and limited-edition things. In addition, if they can get their hands on certain things before others, they feel more fulfilled.

Keeping all these things in mind, dealerships aim to make the locals familiar with the new release of their brand, talk about its features, and raise the anticipation level among potential buyers. Many times malls have seen an increase in the number of visitors solely because they have trendy vehicles on display.

Charm for the new releases is limited. So, car manufacturers and dealerships do everything to promote it as much as possible. With huge competition in the automotive industry, the only way you can get a sale is if you reach your customers before your competitors.

Malls understand people’s psychology and thus have a new vehicle almost every other week to entertain their visitors.

2. Advertise New Features

Most of the time, you will not see a completely new model on display in the malls. Car manufacturers do not introduce a new model lineup every now & then. There are times when it is the existing long-term lineup, but it comes with some distinguished features & technology.

People generally do not have much curiosity about the models that do not go under much change for the new model year. To stop that from happening, companies and dealerships work on promoting the top features. A model does carry a few unique features from its previous models, and car dealerships want you to see that.

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And the best way to do that is to have people take a closer look at the model, explore each feature and experience its greatness. All those digital and traditional advertisements can not benefit as much as live interaction with the product or vehicle can.

This is why whenever there is a car in the mall, mainly to display its features, people are allowed to take a look, sit inside, and use the features to experience how they feel when in use. You can explore a vehicle in a mall display as much as you want until your curiosity is justified. You can not do such a thing with someone else’s car as people consider it rude.

In the mall, you have an ample amount of time to explore the features of a car, ask for assistance and check if a feature is what you want or not. Some features might feel like nothing in advertisements, but accessing them firsthand can change your perception.

Car dealers know this well. Thus, they promote their new feature enhancements via local malls.

3. Less Stressful Than Dealerships

When you visit a car dealership, the atmosphere for the salespeople is stressful as they need to make sales. This is why most of the time, they come way pushier than they intend to be.

It is one of the biggest reasons why a car dealership, despite having all the top models on its display, is unable to make great sales. But when the same model is in the mall, there is no stress on the salespeople to sell it. They can explain things to customers much more delightful, calm, and elaborate manner.

The more the customer feels at ease, the higher the chance of them buying it. Displaying a vehicle in the mall gets more and more vehicles to look at it, even the ones who are considering buying. This is a great advantage as the more people learn about something, the more they want to explore.

Such a sudden exploration can easily get a dealership more and more customers in its office to make the purchase. Thus, taking the stress of the whole buying process does work to the advantage of the car dealers.

4. Mall & Dealerships Agreement

A car dealership can only make a sale if people know about its vehicles, their style & class, and the features they offer. The biggest buying prospects for any business are its locals. So, it becomes crucial for car dealers to promote their vehicles to the locals first.

To ensure their reach is to the maximum number of people, many car dealerships have agreements with local malls to promote their model. Thus, car dealers have their trendy models displayed in the malls in return for an agreed sum. The mall also benefits from it, as it sees an increase in the number of people visiting.

Also, the people who explore the vehicles in the malls are more likely to buy them. So, the display of a car in a mall helps both the mall and the car dealership.

5. Let People Experience & Decide

Many people who explore the vehicles at the malls are the ones thinking about how cars get into malls. But this curiosity sometimes makes them buy one. The logic here is simple. People nowadays are more aware of a customer than ever. They like to see and experience things firsthand before they make a real purchase.

This is why we see the trend of trail packages going around in the country & across the globe. Well, this can’t be done in terms of vehicles where customers can buy a trial version, use it, and decide if they want more or not.

But to give out the same feeling, car dealerships have the vehicles displayed in the malls. They want people to believe their experiences instead of what they read in an article or advertisement.

Experience always trumps assumptions. People are more likely to be satisfied with vehicle exploration in a mall than in a dealership. Thus, the idea here is to let people explore, experience, and decide.

6. Easy Deals

The buying process at the dealerships is too much of a hassle. This is why many people dread doing it. However, in malls, the same process is much simpler and easier. You get all your questions answered and explore each part & feature with no time bar.

Such a process filled with ease and comfort gets better selling than the regular tricks. Furthermore, buying a car from a mall display is much faster than a car dealership.

Not only this, but sometimes customers get reasonable offers on other services related to the vehicle, like free servicing, discounted car insurance or accessories, and others. Car dealerships can be more flexible in the malls, and they use this as an opportunity to display their cars and get more sales.

3 Ways Of Getting Cars In The Mall?

Now that you are familiar with the various reasons you might find a vehicle in the mall, we will move forward to talk about the different ways a mall gets that automobile inside.

Cars are driven inside the mall as the exhibition models only when it is closed. Each mall in your locality has strategically placed doors that can be opened up wide enough to pass automobiles & other heavy equipment. These are not just one type of door. In addition, these doors are not easily distinguishable by the general public.

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But to quench your thirst for knowing how do they get all those heavy vehicles inside the malls and put your mind at ease, we have the answers below. Here we have listed all the ways a mall can escort a vehicle in & out without causing any damage. The process is hassle-free and does not affect the normal operations of the mall.

1. Secret Rollway Door

There are secret sliding doors available in most malls across the country. The size of these doors is as big as your garage door. In addition, there are track rollers too. You can spot such a door on the first floor of the mall if you examine it closely.

So, whenever there is a time to take a vehicle in or escort it back, it is taken to the particular section and opened by sliding. The door is big enough to drive a car through it, providing effortless work.

2. Double Doors & Bravery

One of the most common ways to get a vehicle in & out of a mall is via double doors. Most malls have double doors for people to walk through. The catch here is that these doors are quite large and positioned on a flat surface and near the curb break or paved road.

Generally, these are not fully opened, but when they do, they are big enough to let a vehicle drive through easily. The only thing that needs to be taken care of is the driver. The driver needs to be skilled & experienced enough to get the vehicle in & out without causing any damage.

3. Hidden Garage Door

There are some malls that, instead of having those secret sliding doors, have hidden garage doors. A hidden garage door is similar to a sliding glass door. The only difference is the operating mechanism.

A hidden garage door at the mall opens like your house garage door. You can spot them as there will be rollers for the door to work. Furthermore, whenever the door opens, its horizontal breaks will allow the wall to fold slightly every time.

3 Ways Of Getting Cars On The Second Floor Of The Mall?

When we talk about cars in the malls, the showcase is not limited to the first floor only. You will come across places that have automobiles on the second floor too. Showcasing a car model in the mall is all about catching people’s attention and driving them to explore it.

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What will pique people’s curiosity even more than a car in the mall? Well, a car is sitting on the first floor of the mall. There are a few ways that can help mall authorities to get those vehicles above the first floor.

1. Removable Ramp

If we are talking about a subtle way to get a vehicle on the second floor, removable ramps are the answer. These ramps will provide an elevated way for the vehicle to drive on the floor.

A skilled driver drives the car up the ramp and through the entrance. To be able to use a removable ramp, the mall needs to have huge double doors or a hidden garage to get the ride in.

2. Crane

Using a crane is another way to get a vehicle on the second floor. A strap is used to bind the car strongly; then, it is raised to the required level.

There is going to be a hidden rollway or garage door through which the vehicle will enter the building. As soon as the vehicle lands on the floor, it is unstrapped, and a designated person drives it to the desired place.

3. Car Elevator

Although it is not a common option, some malls do have car elevators that allow them to take the car to the desired floor.

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Generally, these elevators are specially designed so that the different businesses can get their stocks in & out of the mall in bulk. Thus, these car elevators serve as a medium to transport heavy goods and a whole automobile.

Other Locations Where Automobiles Are Put On Display

Malls are not the only place where car dealerships have their automobiles displayed. To ensure they get a bigger reach audience and more & more people are aware of their launches, car dealerships have been seen using all kinds of spaces to achieve the desired results.

You will often find vehicles displayed in large corporate offices, medical associations, and hotels. The only challenge the dealerships face is finding space from the mentioned categories to have openings big enough to drive a car in & out without causing any damage.

The risks of getting vehicles of specific height & weight are risky. It is why you will only see particular kinds of vehicles showcased in such locations.

Some dealerships even participate in or sponsor local events to get the people to get familiar with their names and display their rides in & around the venue to get people to take a look & hopefully buy.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs )

Is buying a car at a mall safe?

YES. The people showcasing their vehicles at the malls are the authenticated car dealerships. Not anyone can afford to pay rent to display their products in the malls.

So, do not worry. You can examine the vehicle all you want, ask all kinds of questions, and have that vehicle in your garage much faster than the regular dealerships.

Can I display my vehicle in a mall?

Well, we don’t think it is possible. Malls have an identity to maintain. They are viewed as places with premium quality. They can not let just anyone showcase anything.

However, if you do want your ride to be displayed, there are a few things you need to know:

  • Your vehicle should be unique. It should be something that is not owned by everyone. It can be a vehicle you remodelled yourself or a limited edition from a top brand.
  • You can afford the rent charges of the mall.
  • If any damage occurs due to you or your ride, you are capable of paying for it.
  • The mall authorities are not going to be responsible for self-inflicted damage.
What happens if I decide to buy a car at the mall but change my mind at the dealership?

As long as you did not sign any agreement papers with the car dealerships, you are under no obligation to buy a car from them. However, if you did, not buying can be tricky as you may have to pay the penalty mentioned in the contract.

The best way to avoid such a conflict is to take your time exploring the car in the mall. If you decide to buy it, book an appointment with the dealership instead of signing a legal contract. That way, you will have more time to think and can save yourself from impulsive buying.

Can I see the video of a car entering a mall?

YES. There are several videos online by various car dealerships and malls related to vehicles being taken in & out of the mall. You can even look for the videos of the malls near you and see what kind of ways they use to complete the task.

So, the next time you visit the mall, look out for those secret openings that let those big automobiles inside that huge building.


Finding new customers at a mall is much easier than having them walk into a car dealership. The freedom of looking & exploring gives people the much-needed mental peace to make an informative decision. So, if you find your dream car in a mall, you are more likely to buy it there than at a dealership.

Using malls as decoys to display car models is a brilliant way to get sales up. However, the only hurdle is the safe openings to get cars in & out. We hope you had a good read and finally got the answer to how they get cars in the mall.

Kevin Williams is an automotive enthusiast and expert writer with a passion for all things related to cars. With a wealth of knowledge in the world of vehicles, Kevin's mission is to provide informative articles that empower car enthusiasts to make informed decisions about their automotive interests. With extensive experience, Kevin has contributed numerous articles to Cars Cache, covering a wide spectrum of topics from vehicle reviews to maintenance tips and more.


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